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Complete Thai Massage

A unique online training experience for becoming a skilled Thai Massage therapist... without spending a fortune on training, right from the convenience of your home, and with personalized instructor support.

  • Stand out with a unique massage system
  • Learn highly effective therapeutic skills
  • Go beyond techniques with a true healing art
  • Become a certified Thai Massage practitioner
  • Attract more clients with unique skills
  • Increase your intuition and sensitivity 

Your own Thai Massage school at your fingertips

Your training sessions are available at any time, at the click of a button. Watch a video, read it as text, or listen in your car. It's your choice.

Forgot something? No problem! Re-watch it as often as you like.

Have questions about something? Send a message to the instructor, and get the answer within hours.

Want to talk to fellow students, network, ask questions... there are hundreds of them happy to talk to you in our facebook group.

Looking for inspiration? Watch the videos and read the stories in the "Thailand Experience" section of the course. It's like a fascinating virtual Thailand tour.

Ideal teacher with ideal training, high quality video course materials and learning strategy, good text materials, very reasonable prices, great live support from the first interaction on!
My expectations are high and I am sure that they will be exceeded.

Liviu Grumeza

massage therapist

My sessions are going very well and your teaching material is second to none. Your videos are an ideal length to learn without too much pressure.

I am learning so many new techniques – it’s just wonderful! I am so pleased I decided to buy your online course.

Brenda Cockburn

massage therapist

A convenient solution for you

  • Pay a fraction of live courses AND get more comprehensive training
  • NO other expenses aside from the course (no travel, lodging, etc)
  • Keep working while you are learning - no lost income
  • Stay with your family and learn in the comfort of your home
  • Have your own Thai Massage school at your fingertips - always
  • Learn conveniently at your own pace with no pressure
  • Access to all training material for life - unlimited reviews

A unique and inspirational online training experience

  • Access to all training from anywhere in the world
  • Help from the instructor is always available
  • Inspired training with authentic 'Thailand experience'
  • Certification and CEU options
  • Multi-media training with video, text and audio
  • A no-risk satisfaction guarantee - you can't lose!

You CAN become a Thai Massage Professional with this system

Enroll Risk Free In Complete Thai Massage

Meet the team of Thai Healing Massage Academy

Our family team with excellent skills, a big heart, and the famous 'Thai smile'

We are a family team with two decades of experience teaching authentic Thai Massage.

We founded Thai Healing Massage Academy in 2001, and later developed a successful and effective online training system.

We are committed to bringing you the best training and the true spirit of Thai Massage right to your home through our unique online training, directly from Thailand!

What do our students have to say about our online Thai Massage training?

" Thank you for your dedication and teaching of online Thai Massage. I cannot express how glad I am that I have taken several of your courses.

The learning has opened doors I never thought possible… what I accomplished was amazing…I am now marketing Thai Massage as much as Swedish massage. "

Heather Park, massage therapist

" I have to admit that I would never have believed I could receive such a good training online. I have always been one of those folks who prefer to go to trainings or immersions.

Yet here I am, learning, practicing and engaging. I LOVE the pacing of the course, and the fact that I can go back and look at something again and again, often in a slightly different way. "
Kavita Lori Richardson, physical therapist

4 Reasons Why Thai Massage Can Be An Excellent Career Choice For You

  • It's the most practical and flexible massage system on the planet. It can be done anywhere easily, no massage table required, no oil, no draping sheets, no undressing
  • It is the most therapist-friendly massage style! No stressing your thumbs and wrists, no danger of burning out your hands. You learn to work elegantly with many body parts.
  • It's one of the hottest and most in demand massage therapies worldwide with an excellent income potential.
  • It adds an entire world of therapeutic value through stretches and manipulations which don't exist in most other massage systems.

Liz Babcock

massage therapist

"I have really been sinking into the essence of this bodywork and why it is so effective compared to other modalities.
New clients often remark that it is the best massage they ever had, and that it is hard to put into words the depth by which they feel transformed or moved by it."

Why learn Thai Massage Online?

Much lower cost
You might not be able or may not want to spend thousands of dollars on high-cost live Thai Massage courses. Also there are no travel/accommodation costs and no time off work.

No good Thai Massage school or teacher near you? Online training is available wherever you are! It fits into your daily life, you study at your own pace without pressure or deadlines.

No need to leave home and travel to a course
Do you have a job, obligations, family to take care of, young children, or simply don't want to leave home and travel?
With online training you don't have to go anywhere!

Permanent access to the training material
After a live course you have no more access to the information and can easily forget what you learned. However you own our online material and can review it any time - even years later.

Thanks for being a great teacher and organizing your courses the way you do.

They are really so well laid out and logical. Best of all, I can hit replay and watch it several times, try it, watch it again, and so forth.

I am continuing to learn and experience the wonderful art you have taught me. Without you I never would have been able to have such an experience.

Randy Bryan
massage therapist

Who Is The Instructor?

My name is Shama Kern, and here is what you should know about me:

  • I am the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy
  • Creator of 20 Thai Massage online training courses
  • Full time resident of Thailand  for two decades
  • 20 years experience practicing and teaching Thai Massage
  • Married to a native Thai Massage therapist
  • Trained thousands of students from all over the world

Shama Kern, founder of
Thai Healing Massage Academy

What Is Unique About Our Training?

"Well, I am hooked already. I just signed up for the Complete Thai Massage course and watched module one. I am most impressed!
Fantastic quality of content and extremely well taught. Shama, you make it fun, interesting and professional. It's a pleasure to have you as a tutor."
Dani Williams, massage therapist

We Are A True Online Learning Academy!

Thai Healing Massage Academy specializes in high quality online training.  It is our expertise and priority to teach students from all over the world online.

We have many years of experience in providing the best online training environment. And we have earned a high level of trust by our students.

For me personally this is much more than a business – it is my passion and my labor of love.

My commitment is to bring you the best, most comprehensive and most effective Thai Massage online training you can find anywhere!

I have been teaching students successfully since 2001. Want proof? There are over 20000 posts in our forum from students writing about their experience with our training materials.

Our courses are not just a demonstration of Thai Massage techniques with some commentary. They are step-by-step instructions where every single technique is explained and shown in great detail.

This includes modifications for different sizes and weights of clients, correct body mechanics, use of breath and energy, advanced therapy applications, and direct access to the instructor for questions and support.

What makes our style of Thai Massage unique?

  • It's a beautiful, graceful, flowing style which is a joy to practice
  • It combines traditional Thai Massage techniques with elements from yoga, rocking movements and intuitive therapeutic skills
  • It focuses on excellent body mechanics to preserve the health of your body, your hands and wrists. This makes it about the most therapist friendly system you can find.
  • It provides a profound, enjoyable, pain-free healing experience for your clients.
thai massage upper body twist

This course is much more than a set of mechanical massage techniques.
You will learn to creatively, intuitively and gracefully adapt the techniques to the needs of your clients. 
It is a journey into the world of Asian healing arts and mind-body transformation.

This course teaches you the actual living, breathing healing art which has been practiced in Thailand for centuries to help people with their health issues.

This is a proven system where you will learn highly refined therapeutic skills which have been successfully used by millions of Thais for hundreds of years.

Complete Thai Massage is a sophisticated, convenient and effective online training program. It is not just a basic course, but covers all levels, including very advanced material. 
It is suitable for beginners AND experienced Thai Massage therapists.

PLEASE NOTE: The Complete Thai Massage course is NOT a compilation of all our training programs. It is a stand-alone program, different from all our other courses.

Enroll Risk Free In Complete Thai Massage

How can you learn Thai Massage online?

Unlike DVDs, which are impersonal and have NO structured learning process, NO support, NO interaction, and NO community, we use a much more effective learning format which is not much different from an actual classroom. The main difference is that you practice with at partner at home instead of in a live classroom.

This is how our virtual classroom works:

  • You have your own membership portal with the course materials
  • You have access to the instructor for questions and feedback
  • You can join our student community in our facebook group
  • The training is released gradually, just like in any school
  • You work at your own pace without any overwhelm
  • You practice with partners while watching the video training 

For me this course is perfect. I couldn't be more pleased. You have really provided a wealth of value: The best training with unsurpassed support and friendship, all at a very fair and reasonable cost.

This allows this gift to be attainable by so many who would otherwise not be able to have access to learning this beautiful art

You learn in an interactive environment with teacher support, access to fellow students, in the comfort of your home, at your convenience.

Thousands of our students from all over the world have successfully learned Thai Massage through this system.

Our success rate is much higher than the average online course. We have over 20000 posts in our forum to prove it!

Complete Thai Massage course features

This course is much more than just learning techniques and sequences. It is more like a learning experience of a beautiful healing art, it's therapeutic value, it's cultural background, and the healing system of Thailand.

The course modules contain much more than a demonstration of techniques. Every module is a well-rounded learning experience which contains 3 elements:

Element #1
Thai Massage Techniques

This element consists of the training where you learn the entire system of Thai Massage - all the techniques, positions, skills, body mechanics, etc. This is also the section that counts for certification.

Element #2
Thai Massage Essentials

This element includes additional training, preparations for practice, tips about choosing a mat, contraindications, certification, dealing with pain issues, and interviews with other Thai Massage teachers.

Element #3
The Thailand Experience

This element is a fascinating virtual journey to Thailand.
You can watch actual Thai Massage sessions in Thailand, observe Thai festivals, and learn what makes Thai Massage different and unique.

Course Access

All your courses materials are accessed in your own membership portal. One new course module becomes available every 3 days

Course Ownership

You own all the course materials. Your access does not expire. If you want, you can also download the training materials.

Course Duration

The 35 main training modules take 3.5 months to complete. With all bonus materials, the total course duration is 5.5 months.

Course Participation

You don't have to keep up with the course, but work at your own pace and take as long as you like. You own the course for life.

Is This Course Right For You?

Who is this course for?

  • Massage therapists who want to add Thai Massage as a new modality
  • Thai Massage therapists who want to increase their skill level
  • Yoga teachers who want to add Thai Yoga Massage to their classes or want to create a new income stream by offering Thai Massage sessions to their students.
  • Physical therapists, personal trainers, Chiropractors and pilates instructors who want to add a new element to their work
  • Anyone without access to a local Thai Massage school
  • Anyone who is looking for a more convenient and less expensive solution for learning Thai Massage

Who is this course NOT for?

  • You live near a good Thai Massage school and have the time and the money to attend live training
  • You don't have the discipline and the will power to practice the online material in your home
  • You are primarily looking for a quick, easy and cheap way to get CEUs
  • You have zero healing arts or yoga experience and want to start a new career - best to start with a live course
  • You are looking for a certificate which will legally make you a licensed massage therapist - no online course can do that
  • You are very stiff and overweight
  • You don't have a computer or tablet - it is not practical to use your phone for this course

In Our Students Own Words


It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse Shama Kern's Complete Thai Massage online course. I have enormous respect for his skills as an educator as well as for his hands-on Thai Massage skills.

After viewing his comprehensive course, I feel that he has the qualities of a natural educator: genuiness, warmth, compassion and integrity. In short, he is the most remarkable educator I have ever met.

Ariana Vincent - LMT, MTI, NCBTMB


If you want to experience the ultimate in Thai Massage online training... this is the program for you! I have always wanted to learn more about Thai Massage but have been disappointed by some of the short 'in person' classes or DVDs that are on the market.

Shama has such a reassuring approach to Thai Massage. You see each move broken down into slowly repeated pieces which are easily remembered.
The offering of alternative move options gives you the flexibility to take what you learn and adapt it to your own style and routine. This material has brought my bodywork skills to a whole new level!

Jim Finch - Licensed massage therapist


Shama’s online training videos are a valuable resource for anyone, new or experienced, wanting to improve their knowledge and technique.

Even though I am a long-time practitioner and Thai Massage teacher and have produced my own guidebooks and videos, I still find his material to be extremely helpful, and I can highly recommend watching them often, to anyone.
They are a valuable contribution to the evolution of this amazingly effective healing art.

Deon De Wet - Thai Massage teacher


From the first video I felt that Shama was a caring, heartfelt teacher. I loved the course!

I learned so much that is relevant and I have totally changed the way I work with people.

I love working on the floor, using other parts of my body. And even when I am working on a table, there is so much that I have been able to assimilate into my work with clients.

Lynne Grieves - Ayurvedic therapist

Need Certification Or CEUs? We Got You Covered!

Two certification programs are available: *

1. International Certification - Students from any country can enroll in this program

2. Continuing Education Certification - 30 NCBTMB approved CE hours. This program is for licensed US therapists only.
* Certification requires qualifying

A NO RISK Investment

100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe in our work and we stand behind this course 100 percent. We want you to get excellent value and total satisfaction from this course - otherwise we don't want your money! We only want happy students!

We don't want you to feel that you are taking a risk. Try it out for 30 days. If you decide that this course is not for you for any reason, we will promptly refund your money within the first 30 days.

Enroll Risk Free In Complete Thai Massage

What You Will Learn

complete Thai Massage training system with 35 multi-media training modules with highly detailed, easy-to-follow instructions.

ALL positions: face up, face down, side and sitting. You also learn highly effective therapeutic techniques, client communication, energy techniques, and developing a 'magic touch'.

The course is very therapist friendly with a strong focus on correct body posture and working with least effort. This Thai Massage training can literally prolong your career and protect your health.

No matter if you are big or small, or if your clients are light or heavy, or flexible or stiff - you will learn how to deal with all these scenarios effectively.

If you ever need help or have questions, you are in good hands: You have unlimited online support by a live, caring instructor.

This is the only fully supported, interactive Thai Massage online training course on the market!

In addition to the Complete Thai Massage course, you receive several bonuses and benefits

Private Facebook Group Access

We have an inspired community of course students, therapists and yoga teachers.
You can join us in our facebook group and/or in our forum. Meet other course students, network, ask questions, share your experiences.

Personalized online support

Have questions? Need help? Can't figure out a technique? You will have an answer within hours!
You won't be talking to a faceless support agent, but to the instructor himself. This free support is a priceless feature.

Bonus Course #1

MAGIC TOUCH SECRETS - Value: $37 - your cost: FREE 
Would you like to learn a systematic and effective way to develop a 'magical touch'? This course will show you a step-by-step system to accomplish this.

Bonus Course #2

THAI MASSAGE TECHNIQUE GENIUS  - Value: $37 - your cost: FREE 
This unique and specialized training teaches you the most effective, safest, and ergonomically best ways to work with your hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet.

Bonus Course #3

ADVANCED THAI MASSAGE SKILLS - Value: $79 - your cost: FREE 
This is an advanced and unique training program (5 hours, 12 modules). Advanced Thai Massage Skills teaches you highly specialized skills for top-level Thai Massage mastery.

Illustrated Video Transcripts

This is a huge benefit! You can read the content of the training videos in text format along with corresponding pictures. This makes it really easy and convenient to find what you are looking for. Now you don't need to take notes anymore!

Audio Only Version

Want to listen on the go - in your car, while you exercise, when you are walking? Put the audio mp3 version in your phone and listen to it anywhere you want to!

The Thailand Experience

This brings Thai Massage alive! Watch actual Thai Massage sessions in Thailand. Learn about the fascinating background and cultural environment of this healing art. See other healing arts in Thailand. This is an experience -  the next best thing to visiting Thailand!

Thai Massage Essentials

In this course you will learn a lot more than Thai Massage techniques. You will get a real education about many related subjects: What mat to buy... contraindications... training tips... simulating a face cradle on a floor mat... dealing with pain and serious diseases... marketing tips... you even get to listen to interviews with other Thai Massage therapists.

This is what you will receive:

  • 35 Thai Massage training modules
  • 25 hours of video training material
  • Thai Massage Essentials supplemental training
  • The Thailand Experience - see it come alive  
  • Certification and CEU options
  • Illustrated video transcripts
  • Audio-only mp3 version
  • Interactive multi-media training
  • Bonus course: Magic Touch Secrets - $37 value
  • Bonus course: Thai Massage Technique Genius - $37 value
  • Bonus course: Advanced Thai Massage Skills (5 hours)  - $79 value
  • Student community
  • Private facebook group 
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Unlimited free teacher support

Enrollment And Payment

Choose between 2 risk-free payment options

1 payment of $379
(best value)

2 payments of $210
(30 days apart)


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

How can I get support from you?

What happens right after I purchase the course?

How is this course taught?

Does the course access ever expire?

Where are your certificates valid?

Can I get access to the entire course at once?

How can I get a refund?

Why should I buy this course and not another?

What if I cannot keep up with the course?

I am not so computer literate - is this a problem?

Does this course include all your other courses?

Don't see the answer to a question you have?

Anastassia Kozina

Dancer and yoga teacher

The completion of this program is just the beginning of something special in my future life, as I feel it. It was a very useful material, logically structured, easy & very interesting to learn. I am really impressed with your skills, energy & spiritual level.

Lisa Simchison

Yoga teacher

I am really loving the way you have laid out the videos! I also like the focus on how things feel as opposed to just memorizing a bunch of moves.
I think that is how to really become good at anything that has to do with the body - feeling and tuning in.

Denise Bruno

Massage therapist

I am so excited to have completed the Complete Thai massage course. This has been an enjoyable and remarkable addition to my massage career. I am grateful for you and all that you have to offer to those you teach.

You have a very calming voice and such a graceful flow of techniques. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your time and amazing lessons. I am blessed to have come across your course.

Carmen Hutchinson

Reflexologist and Shiatsu practitioner

The most important things that I appreciated in this course are the emphasis in doing the practice as an art, the rocking techniques which relax my clients instantly, and to do the work with focused intention.

It has been so valuable to me doing a whole 90 minute session with very few stretches and still have my client totally satisfied with it. Having bought this online course has been most valuable to me.

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