Certification Tutorial

There are 2 types of certificates available

  1. 1
      The International Certificate
  2. 2
      The CE Certificate

What is the difference between the two?

The INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE is a display certificate which verifies that you have studied the material.

Anyone can get this certificate, however qualifying is required. To see a sample certificate, click on the image to enlarge it. 

The CE CERTIFICATE is only meant for licensed US therapists who need continuing education credits to keep their massage licence active.

Qualifying is required.   US therapists have the option to get both certificates. To see a sample certificate, click on the image to enlarge it.

Who can get a certificate?

You are not entitled to a certificate just because you purchased a course. We only issue certificates to students who enroll in our certification program and demonstrate that they have practiced the material.

Please note: One certificate is issued only to the original purchaser, not to practice partners.

Is there a cost for the certificates?

The International Certificate is provided FREE of charge

The CE Certificate has a non-refundable $10 processing fee.

When can you get a certificate?

You can enroll in our certification program at any time, either when you purchase the course, or later. This could be months or years later. There is no expiration for starting the certification program. 

However once you officially enroll in the certification program, there is a time limit for completing the certification. You can see those time limits on the chart further down on this page. If there is a reason why you could not complete the certification within the time limit (work pressure, disease, family emergencies, etc.), please contact us and we can extend it.

For which courses can you get a certificate?

Certificates are available for our medium and large courses with more than 3 hours of training. We do not issue certificates for our smaller courses with less than 3 hours of video training.

Here is the list of certification courses, their available CEUs, the amount of time you have for completing the program ('Time limit'), and the minimum time you need for completing the certification program ("Minimum duration'). 

Please note: the time limits starts when you officially enroll in the certification program, not when you purchase the course.

Course data and times chart

Course name


Time limit

Minimum duration

Complete Thai Massage


1 year

3.5 months

Thai Back Massage


6 months

2 months

Thai Rocking Massage


6 months

3 weeks

Heavenly Head Massage


6 months

4 weeks

Thai Massage Hip Therapy


6 months

3 weeks

Thai Foot Massage


6 months

4 weeks

Thai Massage Shoulder Therapy


6 months

3 weeks

Thai Massage For Sciatica


3 months

2 weeks

Hands Free Massage


3 months

2 weeks

Where are the certificates valid?

CLICK HERE for the International Certificate

CLICK HERE for the CE Certificate

What do you need to do to get a certificate?

CLICK HERE for the International Certificate

CLICK HERE for the CE Certificate

When and how do you receive your certificate?

CLICK HERE for the information

If you want to receive a certificate, it is necessary that you read ALL the information below, watch the videos, and follow the process. 

How to get started with the certification?

Step #1: Certification Registration:

You need to register first!

CLICK HERE to access the certification registration form

Step #2: Forum Registration And Login:

Please note: The forum login is not automatically the same login as for your course membership portal. It is a separate registration and you will get a new username and password.

You can change that to whatever you want and can remember. You can access the forum conveniently right from within your membership portal.

If you want to use the same login credentials for both the membership portal and the forum, you can accomplish that by using the same email and password for the forum that you have already set up for your membership portal. 

Besides watching the video, you can also see the same information in written format by choosing the option below.

CLICK HERE to see the forum registration/login information in written format

Step #3: Forum Posting And Navigation:

Please note: Make sure to watch this video before you post in the forum. The posts need to follow a certain format which is explained in the video.

Here is a recap of the main points:

  • Every module has to have it's own post with the module number written at the top of the post. You cannot combine two or more posts in your progress reports.
  • The posts cannot be a listing of the content. They need to be experiential, i.e. they need to show that you have actually practiced the material in the module. This means commenting on how the practice session went, what feedback you got from your partner, any questions you might have, how you are using the material, etc.
  • One sentence is not enough. You need to write at least one good paragraph about the module.
  • You cannot post lots of modules at one time weeks or months after you practiced them. You should post shortly after you practiced each module.
  • All your posts need to be in the same forum thread. This is done by creating a 'TOPIC' (Click on 'Add Topic' in the forum). After that, you add posts by clicking on 'Add Reply' (NOT on Add Topic anymore)

CE Test Question Access (only for CE certificate)

If you just want the International Certificate, you should skip this section. It does not apply to you. This section is only for licensed massage therapists from the US who need continuing education credits (CEUs) to maintain their licence.

CLICK HERE to access the CE exam test questions