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The Truth About Science Versus Feelings In Massage Therapy

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A good massage is a really enjoyable and beneficial experience. Why? There are two ways to explain this. The first one is often presented by the massage therapist profession, by the massage providers.

I happen to be part of this group, and I read a lot of what my colleagues have to say. However, in contrast to most of them, I live in Thailand and therefore have quite a different perspective.

Massage benefits in scientific terms

When reading massage articles on blogs or posts on forums, I cannot help but notice that many of the movers and shakers in our profession have a tendency to talk about the benefits of massage in mostly scientific terms.

In other words, massage does this to your muscles, it does that to your ligaments, it elevates levels of certain chemicals in your body, it increases blood flow, it has been scientifically proven that it does x, y and z, we need more research on all those things, we have to prove every perceived massage benefit scientifically, and the list goes on.

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