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A Deeper Look At Professional Versus Sensual Massage

Professional versus sensual massage

Some people actively or furtively seek out the combination of massage and eroticism. Others detest just the thought of any sensual massage elements and see it as something awful. Is there a right and a wrong here?

Let’s take a deeper look at this issue and analyze it without prejudice.

Why this topic can be aggravating for professional massage therapists

This tends to be a sensitive topic for professional massage therapists. Sometimes they have had to battle a misguided public opinion that massage is just a disguise for sexual services.

And sometimes female therapists had to fend off callers who were clearly looking for non-professional services. Some of them might even have had inappropriate requests from men during their sessions.

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Secrets For Developing Better Thai Massage Skills

Thai Massage on a higher level

The secret of Thai Massage as a healing art

Some Thai Massage sessions can feel like workout sessions. You are pressed, pummeled, stretched, yanked and kneaded – sometimes in painful ways.

And then…there are those sessions which make you feel like you are walking on clouds, like you entered massage heaven. What’s the secret here? What accounts for the difference in those sessions?

Here’s the secret: Thai Massage techniques on their own, without certain refined elements, are just a mechanical system without a soul. It lacks the essence, the spirit, and the element of a true healing art. There is a lot more to it…

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Massage Therapy And Healing

thai massage and healing

Why are Healing Arts practitioners not allowed to heal?

Here is an amazing fact. Massage is part of the healing arts world, but in quite a few countries, including the USA, massage therapists are not allowed to say that they heal anything.

So if massage therapy is a healing art, but it doesn’t heal anything, what exactly does it do?

There are major teaching institutions with ‘healing arts’ included in their name who teach massage therapy.

A good question would be – what do they tell their students? A healing arts institution teaches a healing art which is not allowed to heal anything. Isn’t this a strange contradiction?

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The Blissful Sensuality Of Massage

head massage

I am a professional Thai Massage therapist, and I enjoy receiving massage as much as I like giving it.

Why? Because it makes me feel great!

However I can’t help but notice a trend towards establishing the benefits of massage in increasingly scientific terms. While this is certainly important and useful knowledge, I want to emphasize another aspect.

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How Massage Can Touch Bodies, Hearts And Minds

Come with me on a mind opening journey. It’s a story about heartfelt touching, about moving energy in everyday life and in massage therapy in a way that is more fulfilling and that will benefit both your happiness and your income. You might find it fascinating.

children kissing
For children physical contact is normal

We are all born with a need to be physically touched.

This is quite obvious when you watch young children play or interact with their parents.

But very quickly most cultures train us to not touch each other. It might be a cultural taboo or even a religious injunction.

A touch experiment

A number of years ago a team of researchers conducted a ‘touch’ experiment. They traveled to several countries, and sat down in cafes or restaurants. Then they counted how often people touched each other.

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Massage With An Inner Vision

massage with an inner vision

Techniques – the foundation of Thai Massage therapy

Massage, and especially Thai Massage, is often perceived as a series of techniques that need to be learned. In the beginning this is quite true.

We need to have a solid foundation of techniques, and in the case of Thai Massage this is even more true since it involves hundreds of often complex movements and stretches.

Taking massage therapy to the next level

But, if we stop at this level, we may be well trained massage mechanics, but we won’t be intuitive, tuned in, sensitive, perceptive, caring and highly effective healers. This is an entirely different level of therapy.

It is not something that can be totally understood and learned in a massage school since it requires years of experience and a desire to develop such qualities.

Some therapists develop them hardly at all, and some turn into almost shamanic practitioners and healers.

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