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5 Reasons To Study Thai Massage In Thailand

Magnificent Thai temple

 Why learn Thai Massage in Thailand?

Every year thousands of people come to Thailand to study Thai Massage. They have a number of reasons:

  • It’s cheaper than in the western world ( for short stays the airfare and accommodation cost will eat up the difference, but for longer study periods this is definitely true)
  • There is a large selection of Thai Massage schools (very true)
  • The perception is that the training is more authentic or better (not always true)
  • The easy and cheap availability of massage treatments (very true and an important factor)
  • It’s just more fun being in Thailand (the atmosphere, the people, the smiles, the entertainment, the food)

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How To Improve Sciatica Problems With Thai Massage

Thai Massage For Sciatica session
Thai Massage For Sciatica session – piriformis muscle stretch

My personal experience with sciatica

My wife has regular bouts with sciatica. Sometimes she comes home from work (she is a massage therapist and instructor) complaining about burning pain in her lower back, buttocks and legs, shooting all the way down into her toes. These are classical sciatica symptoms.

Few therapists know exactly what to do about sciatic pain. It is a real specialty that requires a good understanding of the problem and a very specific knowledge of the appropriate techniques to apply.

Luckily I do know what to do about sciatic pain. In my 20 years of practicing and teaching Thai Massage, I have found that this modality can be amazingly effective for sciatica.

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What Are Your Best Choices For Learning Thai Massage?

Two methods to learn Thai Massage

There are two ways to learn Thai Massage – live training classes or online training courses. Let’s compare the two methods and come up with detailed pros and cons for both so that you can make an informed choice. We will look at these questions:

  • How effective is Thai Massage online training?
  • Is live classroom training always better?
  • Can you really learn Thai Massage online?
  • Which one is the best choice for you –  live classroom training or home study online training?

But first, what makes me qualified to talk about this?

My unique perspective on massage education

As the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy, which is the premier online Thai Massage training school, I have been working with online massage students every single day for many years.

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What Are Online Massage Training Advantages?

Online Massage training is part of a general trend towards speed, convenience, and affordability of massage education. Most people assume that online courses are inferior to classroom training since there is no hands on experience or direct feedback. This is not necessarily true.

When is online massage training a good choice?

Someone who has never done any massage before would be best served by attending a live school or class.

However once someone has the basic knowledge of touching, anatomy, working with one’s own body (ergonomics) and other bodies, it becomes quite realistic to add to one’s knowledge in a non classroom environment.

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