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Thai Massage Secrets For Listening With Your Hands

How to use your hands as listening devices in Thai Massage

Thai Massage is often shown as a series of fancy and complex stretches that seem to be best suited for experienced yogis.

However, what really counts in your everyday Thai Massage work as a therapist is not the degree of difficulty of the techniques or the number of fancy stretches you know. What really counts is your quality of touch and your ability to intuitively connect with your client.

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Tips And Tricks For Learning Thai Massage Part 6

Using tools in Thai Massage

Saving your hands in Thai Massage therapy

Every massage therapist knows that massage can be hard on your hands. We all had the experience that a large, heavy, stiff client requests some serious therapeutic work.

In some cases it can leave us wondering how we can handle this person’s request without stressing our hands too much. Small therapists might even have to avoid or decline such work.

This is where Thai Massage therapy can be ideal. It is a wonderful modality for deep, intense and highly effective therapy work.

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Tips And Tricks For Learning Thai Massage Part 5

Elegant transitions in Thai Massage

Transitions – the overlooked secret in Thai Massage

Thai Massage education is not meant to be a collection of massage techniques that are strung together. It is more like an artistic dance that gracefully weaves together many techniques.

In order to accomplish this, you need to know not just the techniques themselves, but the transitions which connect them.

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Thai Massage Tips And Tricks – Maintaining Body Contact

Maintaining body contact in Thai Massage

What are reasons for getting a Thai Massage?

There are many reasons for getting a Thai Massage.

  • Some people just want to relax
  • Some people have a specific problem that needs attention
  • Others use it as a maintenance program for good health
  • Some people like to improve their flexibility

One good reason is to just zone out and go into this trance-like state that is much easier to attain in a good massage session than with any meditation technique.

In a good Thai Massage session, this meditative or ‘zoning out’ effect happens naturally.

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Tips And Tricks For Learning Thai Massage Part 3

Percussion techniques for Thai Massage

Chopping versus percussion in Thai Massage

Thai Massage therapists, especially in Thailand, use a technique which they call ‘chopping’. It consists of placing the palms of both hands together and then using the edges of the hands to ‘chop’ on various muscles.

Personally, I found this technique neither very effective nor pleasant, and therefore we developed a different version at Thai Healing Massage Academy.

It’s called ‘Percussion for Thai Massage“. After many years of using it, and after getting lots of client feedback, I know that this technique is effective and that massage clients like it. It looks very easy, but it does require some finesse to make it feel really good.

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Tips And Tricks For Learning Thai Massage Part 1

How to simulate a faced cradle in the Thai Massage prone position

I cannot even remember how often I received a Thai Massage in Thailand, and the therapist told me to lie in a certain position, like prone (face down) or on my side without any regard to my comfort.

The Thai Massage therapists here assume that you can lie face down for an extended period of time with your head turned to the side at a 90-degree angle.

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