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Thai Massage On A Floor Mat Versus A Table

Should Thai Massage be done on a floor mat or on a table?

What’s better – a floor mat or a table for Thai Massage?

If you go to Thailand, you will find that Thai Massage is mostly done and taught on a floor mat. Why is that?

Thai Massage is a therapeutic system dating back hundreds of years. It was designed to help people with their aches and pains.

Fancy environments, decorations, or expensive equipment like tables were not considered necessary or useful, and, as you will see, not even practical.

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How To Understand Thai Massage Stretches And Traction

Thai Massage stretching and traction

When learning Thai Massage, you will notice that there are many techniques which are not much used in other modalities.

Two examples are stretches and traction moves. Do you know what exactly the difference is between stretches and traction? This video demonstrates it clearly with examples from both types of techniques.

Thai Massage Tips And Tricks #14 - Stretches Versus Traction

Stretching in Thai Massage

The purpose of stretching is to re-establish full or normal range of motion by relaxing muscles and getting them to release tightness and tension.

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Thai Massage Tips And Tricks Part 8

Reposition clients in Thai Massage gracefully

The Right Way To Move Clients In Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a graceful and artistic healing arts modality. It takes a lot more than knowing how to do a particular massage stroke or technique.

You need to know how to use your body correctly, how to use good body mechanics and how to work with least effort. This includes knowing how to move your clients gracefully from one position into another position.

This video demonstrates how to move your Thai Massage clients correctly and easily between supine, prone, side and sitting positions without having to ask them to turn around on their own.

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How To Master The Perfect Thai Massage Stretch

Mastering the perfect Thai Massage stretch

The 2 elements of Thai Massage training

Learning Thai Massage techniques is only partially technical. The other part consists of developing intuitive, sensitive and responsive abilities. This second part is the secret to making Thai Massage feel wonderful.

The problem is that this essential second element is often neglected or not even taught at all in some Thai Massage schools.

That’s the reason why this great healing art sometimes has the reputation of being painful and strong. 

This video demonstrates how to add this intuitive and sensitive element to the techniques.

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What Is The Best Mat For Thai Massage?

How to choose the right mat for Thai Massage

Thai Massage on the floor or table?

Most western massage styles are done on a massage table whereas Thai Massage is traditionally done on a floor mat.

Although it can be done on a table as well, working on the floor provides better leverage, more power, and better ergonomics for the therapist.

Resource: Should You Practice Thai Massage On A Floor Mat Or On A Table

Choosing the right mat

Most western therapists have little or no experience with working on the floor, and when they start to learn Thai Massage, they don’t know what kind of mat would work best for their practice.

The right mat is quite important since it can make the difference between feeling comfortable during your sessions and not feeling at ease, or even inconvenienced.

This video demonstrates what I consider the ideal setup for Thai Massage work. It shows what I use in my own practice.

Thai Massage Tips And Tricks # 7 - Choosing The Right Mat

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The 5 Elements Of Successful Thai Massage Therapy

The secrets of working therapeutically in Thai Massage

Working therapeutically doesn’t mean that you need to know lots of special and unique Thai Massage techniques. But it does mean that you have to approach therapy sessions in a different way from doing regular whole body sessions.

When you want to do effective therapy work, you will often have to forego whole body sessions due to time constraints and focus on specific areas which need the attention most.

There are several elements which will improve your therapy work.

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