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How To Keep Your Balance In Massage Therapy

Balance in massage therapy

How do we know if our massage therapy session was really effective? How do we know if it really helped and how long the effect will last? And why do we want to know this anyway?

Helping people is more than exchanging time for money

Massage is a helping profession. This is very different from, let’s say, working in an office where you might be just a tiny part of a big machinery and you might never get to see how (or if) what you do actually helps anyone.

Most massage therapists who have been in this profession for a some time do not just put in hours in exchange for money. They enjoy helping people, and part of their reward is seeing the beneficial results of their work. Their heart is in it, not just their hands.

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Thai Massage Can Save Your Hands And Prolong Your Career

How Thai Massage can save your hands

The Thai Massage advantage

Thai Massage has some unique advantages over other massage styles. One of them is that it is very therapist friendly. Why is that?

Look at a western massage style like Swedish massage. The therapist is constantly using the hands to stroke, knead, or squeeze. This can get very tiring for the hands, and can even lead to injury which is one of the reasons why many massage therapists don’t last very long.

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Characteristics Of Good Thai Massage Therapists

Thai Massage therapist

Do Thai Massage therapists benefit from their work?

Everyone knows that clients can benefit greatly from a good massage session. But what’s in it for the therapists? Why do they do it? What do they get out of it?

The answer which comes to mind most easily is “money” – massage therapists can charge $60.-, $70.- or even more more per hour, at least in most western countries. But…

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Thai Massage Interview With Shama Kern And Gabriel Azoulay

Thai Massage is not just another massage technique. It’s a fascinating healing art which is steeped in Thai culture and is deeply integrated into daily life in Thailand.

To understand Thai Massage, it helps to actually spend time in Thailand. However most therapists are not able or willing to do that. The next best thing is to listen to experienced Thai Massage practitioners who have spent a lot of time in Thailand and have a good understanding of Thai culture.

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Thai Massage Interview with Shama Kern And Deon de Wet

Thai Massage colleagues Shama Kern, founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy, and Deon de Wet, founder of deonThai Method, recently met in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Besides riding their motorbikes, visiting a Reggae festival in the scenic mountain town of Pai, and talking shop about Thai Massage, they also met at Thai Healing Massage Academy’s studio to record a very interesting conversation.

Shama Kern lives in Thailand, and Deon de Wet lives in the US. So this was an East-West cultural meeting with many interesting angles from both perspectives.

This conversation has lots of useful nuggets and inspiration for any Thai Massage practitioner.

The Secret Of Successful Thai Massage And Your Life

What does Thai Massage have to do with your life?

As it turns out, quite a bit. And why is that so? Here are six good reasons

Thai Massage and the yoga connection

Thai Massage has it’s origins in yoga. Yoga is not just a system that teaches you how to turn yourself into a pretzel or stand on your head. It is a process to reconnect with your higher self, your spiritual nature, your divine essence, or God, or whatever else you might want to call it.

It’s not about religion or arguing about which kind of God we are talking about. Yoga is a process that helps you to raise your consciousness to a higher level.

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Massage Therapist Career Saver Tips

Massage therapy is not just about technique. It is also very much about your health, your energy and your attitude.

As a massage therapist we have to protect our bodies and our energy. Our most precious tool is our body. If it malfunctions, our career can stop dead in its tracks. Sometimes we have to know when to say NO.

massage therapy

My first exposure to potential problems in my new career

When I first started learning Thai Massage, we were taught many, actually way too many techniques that required strong pressure with the thumbs on legs, arms and back.

It only took me a few months of daily Thai Massage work to develop problems in my thumb joints. I soon realized that I had to use different techniques if I wanted to survive as a massage therapist.

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