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The Thai Massage Therapist’s Success Manual

thai massage success manual

How to achieve success in Thai Massage therapy and how to deal with ‘failure’

Attending classes in a Thai Massage school or course may build you a good foundation. However not all of them will take you beyond the technical aspects and show you the more subtle elements of Thai Massage training – but these will determine your success.

First of all, as someone who has spent 20 years teaching Thai Massage therapy, I am writing this for those who want to learn Thai Massage or are practicing it already. However most of the principles apply to any kind of massage.

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Self-Care For Thai Massage Therapists

Thai Massage self care

How do you learn Thai Massage in such a way that it helps you to preserve your health, prolong your career, and be inspired in your profession?

Thai Massage is a helping profession. Its purpose is that the Thai Massage therapist helps clients to improve their health.

It’s also a very rewarding and inspiring profession. Besides helping clients, it can also help the therapist in several ways. But this does not happen automatically.

Why do Thai Massage therapists need self care?

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An Expanded Definition Of Professional Thai Massage Therapy

what is a professional Thai Thai Massage therapist

I am a fully licensed professional Thai Massage therapist” – this sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it? Especially in the United States the “professional” title is taken very seriously, and it can be easily defined.

The definition generally means this:

  • You have taken your 500 hours of training or whatever your state requires
  • You have passed your state’s massage board licensing exam

That’s an easy definition – and now you are a real professional.

Are you really sure about that?

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The Truth About Professional Versus Unprofessional Thai Massage

the truth of the various aspects of thai massage

How to answer sensitive questions correctly

This article is meant to help Thai Massage therapists understand the difference between professional and unprofessional Thai Massage, and how to relate it to clients.

How would you, as a massage therapist, respond if someone, a client for example, told you that Thai Massage is supposedly a sexy affair or related to prostitution?

You could of course respond no, that this is not true. But would you be sure that this is the only correct answer? After all, typically there is fire where there is smoke, so let’s investigate if there is any truth to this rumor.

Knowing the whole truth and understanding the entire background of Thai Massage will give you the confidence and the knowledge to respond appropriately.

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Thai Massage Can Save Your Hands And Prolong Your Career

How Thai Massage can save your hands

The Thai Massage advantage

Thai Massage has some unique advantages over other massage styles. One of them is that it is very therapist friendly. Why is that?

Look at a western massage style like Swedish massage. The therapist is constantly using the hands to stroke, knead, or squeeze. This can get very tiring for the hands, and can even lead to injury which is one of the reasons why many massage therapists don’t last very long.

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