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Thai Massage, Elephants, and Amazing Poses

Extreme Thai Massage 

Thai Massage is an exotic healing art. It has a certain mystique which comes from the fact that not many people understand it very well.

Sometimes I browse Thai Massage videos on youtube. One has to be the icing on the cake for being sensational. It shows an elephant doing a so-called Thai Massage by stepping on someone’s back.

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A Unique Story About Thai Massage Healing Magic in Thailand

thai massage healing magic in thailand

A Thai Massage school helps villagers

When I first began to study Thai Massage in the late 1990s, I had a magical experience that is still as clear in my mind as if it had been yesterday.

I was a student at Chiang Mai’s Old Medicine Hospital, the original and first Thai Massage school in the north of Thailand. At that time I had been studying and practicing for a few weeks, but I had never done any real massage work on clients.

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