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Courageous Touch: Yoga And Thai Massage For Chronic Sufferers

The following is a guest post written by Jillian McKee.

As more people embrace holistic therapies for improving health and fighting disease, yoga and massage are becoming more common among cancer patients and other chronic sufferers.

Yoga and massage therapies combine ancient philosophies with modern techniques to ease symptoms and optimize treatment effectiveness.

While most health practitioners do not endorse these therapies as a cure for cancer or a treatment for disease, they do support them as effective complementary therapies.

Many cancer treatment centers now offer yoga classes and massage sessions for cancer patients. And persons with other chronic diseases are utilizing their benefits as well.

Yoga and massage offer a courageous touch for the people who need it most. It has proven helpful for even those with the most aggressive cancers such as mesothelioma.

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Loving Kindness, or Metta, in Thai Massage

One of the great joys of Thai Massage is the growth in spiritual freedom, understanding and love it develops within us as we continue practicing it.

This facet of Thai Massage is known as Metta, or Loving Kindness and is one of the four sublime states within Buddhist philosophy.

It is a term much used by western Thai Massage therapists in their advertising and can be very often seen described as an intricate part of their massage philosophy and offering.

To a client in search of love and/or reassurance which may be missing in life, this is a very attractive proposition: to receive Loving Kindness in a massage treatment.

To the potential student of Thai Massage it is also a very attractive proposition: to be able to advertise yourself as someone offering Loving Kindness in massage.

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How To Find Your Style Of Thai Massage

Did you ever get a massage where everything was technically right, but you felt that the therapist never really connected with you? Something seemed to be missing but you could not put your finger on it. What was it? Was it the therapist or was it you, or both?

Wow, AMAZING Thai Massage!

Many visitors come to Thailand and they are very impressed with Thai Massage because it is so different and it involves all those amazing stretches. If you have nothing to compare it with, then, yes,  it seems to be pretty amazing.

But when talking to my fellow expats who have been been in Thailand for a long time, they all agree that it is not so easy to find a therapist who can really make you feel good.

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