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Thai Massage And Traditional Sen Lines

Thai Massage and traditional sen lines

Thai Massage is known for its work on energy lines, called Sen lines in Thailand, and for its many stretches that often resemble yoga moves.

Most Asian bodywork is based on the concept that there is a system of energy lines in the body. If they are blocked, health problems develop.

Unblocking this energy flow results in improved health. In Thailand this energy is called Sen, in China Chi, in Japan Ki, and in India prana.

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7 Amazing Ways Massage Therapy Can Help You Manage Stress


This article is a guest post written by Karen Price

Massage has been a way for people to vent out stress for centuries. Every culture has variations in massages, like Lomi Lomi in Hawaii, Shiatsu in Japan, or Thai Massage in Thailand.

Technological advancements, innovation and scientific study of this field have led to various new ways which can help a person get the maximum benefit from massage therapy.

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What You Need To Know About Thai Massage Westernization

Thai Massage versus western massage

The Bigger Picture of Thai Massage

Thai Massage is not just another massage modality in the western sense. It is part of an ancient culture, it is part of a life style, it is part of a social environment.

It is one element in the greater healing system of Thai Natural Medicine. There is a philosophy behind it, a tradition, a way of life, and a set of attitudes. It is not just a bunch of techniques and stretches.

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How Are Thai Massage Therapy And Western Science Related?

Thai Massage and western science

East Versus West in Massage 

Thai Massage and Western Massage are quite different, and in more ways than in their techniques. In Western countries, there is an ongoing effort to prove scientifically how and why massage is beneficial.

Most of the massage therapy profession has accepted science as their official or at least unofficial regulator.

Therapists feel compelled to demonstrate that their therapies hold up to the demands of science, and that they comply with scientific standards.

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The Four Must-Know Elements Of Thai Massage

How To Master The 4 Elements Of Thai Massage

Thai Massage training is all about stretching, right? Wrong! The stretches look fascinating, and they are a unique and highly developed element in ‘Thai Yoga Massage’. However, there is a lot more than stretching to this healing art. 

A session which consists mostly of stretching is more like an applied yoga session or an exercise routine. For some people this might be just what they want, and for others this is simply too much.

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Thai Massage Sen Line Therapy Introduction

Thai Massage Energy line primer

Thai Massage is a unique massage modality and is quite different from western massage styles which work on anatomical features.

Thai Massage, however, combines massage with energy line work. Let’s explore what these “sen lines” are and how they work.

In western massage styles, therapists work on anatomical components like muscles, tendons, fascia etc.

In Thai Massage, therapists work on energy lines. They are not based on anatomical functions, but on the concept of a subtle flow of life energy.

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