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5 Key Benefits Of Thai Massage For Chiropractic

Thai Massage and chiropractic

This article is written by Dr. Brent Wells, DC

Thai Massage is a dynamic type of massage that resembles “passive yoga.” A patient in a Thai Massage session is taken by a therapist through a set of motions in a sort of gentle dance. In this massage, typical movements include “stretching, rocking, pressing, massaging and holding.

Thai Massage is a great companion for chiropractic treatment. Generally speaking, Thai Massage can be used to boost and hold chiropractic adjustments.

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9 Unique Elements Of Thai Massage, And How To Learn Them

Thai Massage stretch

Thai Massage is not just another kind of massage. There is a lot more to it, as you will see.

There is more than one style of Thai Massage

Before we get into the 9 unique elements, we have to consider that there are all kinds of styles and variations of Thai Massage. They range from mechanical one-size-fits-all sequences to very effective and refined holistic therapies.

For the purposes of our list of 10 unique elements, we are talking about the way how Thai Massage is taught by Thai Healing Massage Academy in our online training courses.

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The Thai Healing Massage Advantage

The Thai Healing Massage advantage

Thai Healing Massage is not just a fancy name for Thai Massage. It has a very specific meaning, at least in the context of our training school, Thai Healing Massage Academy.

I have been living in the Thai Massage capital of the world, Chiang Mai, Thailand, for 20 years. There are Thai Massage schools and establishments all over the place, sometimes several within one block. There is no other place with such a concentration of Thai Massage anywhere else that I have seen. And I have been all over Thailand.

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8 Ideal Candidates For Thai Massage Training

Thai Massage stretch in the side position

The elements of Thai Massage

Thai Massage is not just a massage. It includes a wide variety of techniques. Some of them are similar to elements which you can find in other holistic and healing arts styles, as in this partial list:

  • Massage (compression and kneading)
  • Yoga (stretching and breathing)
  • Physical Therapy (therapeutic and rehabilitation work)
  • Energy Work (the Thai sen line system)
  • Chiropractic (spinal techniques and twists which are similar to some Chiropractic techniques)
  • Trager (rocking and motion elements)
  • Acupressure (pressure points in the Thai energy line system)

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7 Amazing Ways Massage Therapy Can Help You Manage Stress


This article is a guest post written by Karen Price

Massage has been a way for people to vent out stress for centuries. Every culture has variations in massages, like Lomi Lomi in Hawaii, Shiatsu in Japan, or Thai Massage in Thailand.

Technological advancements, innovation and scientific study of this field have led to various new ways which can help a person get the maximum benefit from massage therapy.

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