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How Are Thai Massage and Yoga Connected?

How are thai massage and yoga connected?

The origins of Thai Massage

Thai Massage and yoga are part of the same family. The similarities are quite obvious if you just watch the two systems in action.

Image of the historical founder of Thai Massage
The historical founder of Thai Massage, Jivaka Komarpaj

According to legend, Thai Massage was introduced in Thailand about 2500 years ago by an Indian physician, a contemporary of Buddha, and he brought with him his knowledge of yoga and yoga therapy.

This physician, Jivaka Komarabhacca (one of several possible ways to spell it) is not only revered in Thailand, but in some other Buddhist countries in Asia as well.

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A Comparison Of Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, And Yoga

thai massage versus yoga

Thai Massage versus Thai Yoga Massage – what’s in a name?

Thai Yoga Massage is basically another name for Thai Massage. There are variations and different styles of therapists, but we are talking about the same family of bodywork.

The term ‘Thai Yoga Massage‘ has been coined by Western practitioners. It can be an appropriate name since it does reflect the fact that Thai Massage has its roots in the yoga tradition of India.

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What is the Difference Between Thai Massage and Partner Yoga?

Thai Massage versus partner yoga

Thai Massage and related styles

Thai Massage shoulder stretch
Thai Massage shoulder stretch

Thai Massage has its roots in India’s yoga tradition.

According to legend, about 2,500 years ago, during the time of Buddha, an Indian physician came to Thailand and brought what is now known as Thai Massage with him.

The similarities between the two systems are quite obvious. Thai Massage is often called “Thai yoga massage” or “lazy man’s yoga” since it is somewhat like yoga being done to you. The therapist is applying a series of yoga-like stretches to the client.

Normally yoga is done by individual practitioners who perform stretching techniques on themselves. But there are also styles where two yoga practitioners work together.

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Thai Massage, Yoga and Flying Therapeutics

Thai Yoga Massage shares quite a few common elements with yoga and acro yoga. This is sometimes called “flying yoga” since the passive partner is being moved  around while “flying” on the feet and hands of the active partner who is lying on the back.

Many practitioners came up with very creative and sometimes amazing adaptations. “Flying yoga” is beautiful to watch and a powerful experience when you receive it.

Recently one of those talented therapists, Lorenzo Becchi, visited us at the studio of Thai Healing Massage Academy. We shot a video of him performing his graceful and mindful “flying massage” system.

Many of his moves are similar to Thai Massage techniques, but they are all done in flying mode with the receiver in the air instead of lying on a mat. 

Lorenzo’s style looks like a combination of Thai Massage and yoga, but done in the air so that the client experiences a feeling of weightlessness. It is similar to Acro yoga, but with Lorenzo’s very special and unique touch. You really need to see it to appreciate it.

If you would like to find out more about Flying Therapeutics, you can visit Lorenzo’s site at