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How To Deal With 9 Different Types Of Thai Massage Clients

The nine types of clients in thai massage

When you work with massage clients over long periods of time, you will notice certain patterns evolving.

Some people come pretty close to being the ideal massage clients, but there are others where you keep glancing at the clock and waiting for the session to end.

During my Thai Massage career most of my sessions were positive and often wonderfully uplifting experiences. However the skills of a Thai Massage therapist should include how to deal with situations that are not ideal.

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Massage Therapy – How Much Should You Talk To Your Clients?

how much should you talk to your clients

Should you talk to your clients during a massage therapy session? Should you let your clients talk while they are receiving their massage?

I have often heard that therapists should discourage talking by their clients and that they should not talk much either.

But…based on my experience of practicing Thai Massage for over 20 years, I am convinced that this advice is flawed – and here is why:

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The 12 Main Reasons Why People Want To Get A Massage

12 reasons why people get massage

Why do people get a massage? At first glance, the answer seems pretty simple. They want to relax and feel better. However when we look at the question a little closer, there are actually quite a few very different reasons why people go to a massage therapist.

And for us as providers it is important to understand all those reasons, because they may require different interactions with our clients.

image of relaxed woman

1. Relaxation

This first reason comes to mind for most of us. People want to relax, feel good and pamper themselves, even if there is nothing wrong with them.

That’s how most spas make their money. They cater to people who love some luxury and indulgence in a beautiful and relaxing environment.

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What Do Our Massage Clients Really Want?

The massage hammer story

image of massage hammer

Recently I published a video in my “ Tips And Tricks” Thai Massage education series. In this episode I showed the use of a mechanical massage tool, a ‘massage hammer’.

When I posted the video on youtube, someone left a comment saying that the use of this tool felt like “cheating” to him, since the client paid for the use of his hands. He said that he would use this tool on a client, but he could not charge him for this time.

Here is what I do in my Thai Massage practice. I have a couple of quite large, heavy and stiff male clients who need intense work on the back, glutes and hamstrings.

When I initially introduced this tool, they both liked it. It puts out heat via an infrared lamp which works very well to loosen up tight muscles, and the vibrations are quite effective.

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