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Ten Ways to Find Opportunities with a Thai Massage Education

10 opportunities in Thai Massage

A good Thai Massage education has the advantage of being very versatile since it can be done anywhere without needing much privacy.

There is no need to take any clothes off, no massage table is needed and no oil is used.

Thai Massage training can be used in many ways – professionally, socially or as part of yoga teaching and practice.

Here is a list of ten ways and opportunities how this fascinating healing art can be used.

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Behind The Scenes of a Thai Massage Online Training Course

Spotlight on Thai Massage

What does it take to create a Thai Massage online course?

A behind-the-scenes look at Thai Healing Massage Academy

Here at Thai Healing Massage Academy, we have been producing Thai Massage online training courses for many years. Our first studio was a very simple setup since there was no money for fancy equipment and facilities.

We were working in conditions that any professional video studio would call “primitive”. Still, we managed to produce many excellent courses. Later many of those early courses were improved through the magic of video editing software.

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Easy Tips For Promoting Your Thai Massage Business

Thai Massage marketing

Learning Thai Massage is one thing. But growing and retaining a good client base is a completely different set of skills for massage therapists.

There are fancy ways to go about that, like building a website, opening social media accounts, doing lots of posting, or doing autoresponder email campaigns.

However, sometimes a simple and free method can work surprisingly well. This one worked wonders for me in my Thai Massage business for many years.

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Tips For Promoting Your Massage Business Part 2

Massage and marketing

How easy do you make it for your massage clients to find you?

You can be the best massage therapist in the world, but if nobody knows you, it doesn’t help anyone, neither you nor your potential clients.

If you have an established massage therapy business, are well known, and have all the clients you can handle, you might not need this information.

But if you are part of the huge group of massage therapists who are trying to build a bigger customer base, get more referrals, and get the word out about your skills, then I have some tips for you.

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8 Reasons Why Massage Therapists Need A Website

Massage before the internet age

When I started practicing Thai Massage therapy over 20 years ago, it never crossed my mind to have a website. That was for big businesses or geeks, not for massage therapists.

I actually thought I was pretty cool because I had an email address and I even collected the emails of my clients.

Moving forward – massage in the internet age

Well, times have changed. Websites are not just for big business anymore. Anyone who has a real business – yes that includes us healing arts types – really needs a web presence.

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