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The Magic Of Therapeutic Movement In Thai Massage Therapy

therapeutic movement in Thai Massage

What makes Thai Massage unique?

In this second video in the Thai Massage Love Affair series, we are focusing on another element that makes Thai Massage unique and sets it apart from most other massage systems: Therapeutic movement.

Actually ‘massage’ is not really the perfect description because it is a therapeutic healing modality that includes elements from massage, yoga, energy work, and acupressure.

First video in the ‘Thai Massage Love Affair series

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How To Set Your Boundaries In Thai Massage Therapy

Touching and contact issues in Thai Massage

In Thai Massage therapy, the practitioners have to set boundaries for their work. Those boundaries depend on the style of massage they practice.

In Swedish massage, the client is naked but covered with a sheet. There is not much physical contact aside from the hands of the therapist. In Thai Massage, the client is fully dressed, but there is more physical contact between the therapist and the client.

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How Thai Massage Therapists Can Raise Their Energy Level

how thai massage therapists can raise their energy

Thai Massage therapists work on more than the physical body

There are two elements when you learn Thai Massage. There are the techniques, and there is the attitude or state of mind of the therapist. Here we are discussing the second element.

Thai Massage – or any other massage or healing therapy system – is not just about techniques, or at least it should not be.

Working on clients’ bodies also involves connecting with that person’s energy, their emotions, their hearts, and their minds.

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Pros And Cons Of Talking To Clients In Thai Massage Sessions

how much should you talk to your Thai Massage clients

Is talking during a Thai Massage session good or bad?

Should you talk to your clients during Thai Massage therapy sessions?

Should you let your clients talk while they are receiving their massage?

I have often heard therapists state that clients should be discouraged from talking during the session and that they – the therapists – should not talk much either.

But…based on my experience of practicing Thai Massage for over 20 years, I am convinced that this is not necessarily good advice – and here is why:

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