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Professional Versus Sensual Massage

Professional versus sensual massage

Some people actively or furtively seek out the combination of massage and eroticism. Others detest just the thought of it and would rather have it eradicated from the face of the earth.

Why this topic can be aggravating for professional massage therapists

This tends to be a sensitive topic for professional massage therapists. Sometimes they have had to battle a misguided public opinion that massage is just a disguise for sexual services.

And sometimes female therapists had to fend off callers who were clearly looking for non-professional services. Some of them might even have had inappropriate requests from men during their sessions.

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9 Unique Elements Of Thai Massage, And How To Learn Them

9 unique elements of thai massage

Thai Massage is not just another kind of massage. There is a lot more to it, as you will see.

There is more than one style of Thai Massage

Before we get into the 9 unique elements, we have to consider that there are all kinds of styles and variations of Thai Massage.

They range from mechanical one-size-fits-all sequences to very effective and refined holistic therapies.

For the purposes of our list of 9 unique elements, we are talking about the way how Thai Massage is taught by Thai Healing Massage Academy in our online training courses.

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Thai Massage Interview With Shama Kern And Shai Plonski

There are many Thai Massage teachers with interesting stories to tell, fascinating backgrounds, and unique styles. This time Shama Kern, the founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy, interviews Shai Plonski, founder of Still Light Center Thai Massage School.

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Ten Ways To Make Thai Massage More Therapeutic

ten ways to make thai massage more therapeutic

Massage versus therapeutic massage

Thai Massage has always been my main modality, but the observations in this article apply to massage in general.

But first…my disclaimer.

I’d rather be controversial than boring. This article is meant to be both irreverent and serious, both entertaining and educational. But be forewarned: If you don’t have a sense of humor, I advise you to stop reading right here!

So now – when does massage become therapeutic? The fact is that there is no one point where massage turns into massage therapy. It’s a matter of degrees. Actually, it is quite difficult for any massage NOT to be therapeutic at least to some degree.

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The Thai Healing Massage Advantage

The Thai Healing Massage advantage

Thai Healing Massage is not just a fancy name for Thai Massage. It has a very specific meaning, at least in the context of our training school, Thai Healing Massage Academy.

I have been living in the Thai Massage capital of the world, Chiang Mai, Thailand, for 20 years. There are Thai Massage schools and establishments all over the place, sometimes several within one block.

There is no other place with such a concentration of Thai Massage anywhere else that I have seen. And I have been all over Thailand.

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How Are Thai Massage Sen Lines Different From Meridians?

Thai Massage sen lines versus Chinese meridians

Are Thai Massage energy (sen) lines the same as the Chinese meridians, or are they different?

And if they are not the same – why not? How are they different?

This is not meant to be a precise comparison of locations and functions, but a ‘bird’s eye’ view of how energy lines work, how the various energy methods relate to each other, and why they work in our therapy – or not.

Let’s start out with an analogy to look at the ‘bigger picture’. There is an ancient story of five blind men who are trying to find out what an elephant looks like.

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