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Is Thai Massage Relaxing Or Therapeutic?

Is Thai Massage relaxing or therapeutic

Thailand is famous for its unique style of bodywork, Thai Massage, which is really a combination of massage and applied or passive yoga stretches.

There is plenty of information available about the benefits of massage in general. And there is no shortage of scientific evidence that massage is good for your body.

Massage is also good for your mind. It relaxes, de-stresses, and temporarily shuts off incessant mental chatter. The Thais have been well aware of both of these benefits for over a thousand years.

So here is the question: Is Thai Massage ‘just’ relaxing, or is it therapeutic, i.e. does it actually help with something? Does it really improve certain conditions?

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5 Reasons Why Practicing And Learning Thai Massage Is So Enjoyable

Thai Massage is enjoyable to practice

Thai Massage is not just a job. It is not just a type of work. It does not just provide a good income. It is enjoyable to learn and practice. Why is that?

1. Thai Massage is fun to practice

You get to play with an almost infinite variety of techniques, modifications, adaptations, and ways to make it uniquely your own.

Thai Massage is not just about following a set sequence, but about being intuitive, creative, and innovative.

There are hundreds of techniques and stretches available which can be combined in countless ways to create a therapeutic masterpiece.

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How To Give Your Massage Clients What They Really Want

what do massage clients really want

Massage hammer for Thai Massage story

image of massage hammer

Here at Thai Healing Massage Academy, we have a free educational video series for learning various aspects of Thai Massage called “Tips And Tricks“.

At one time we published a new video in this Thai Massage education series that shows the use of a mechanical massage tool, a ‘massage hammer‘.

When this video was posted on youtube, someone left a comment saying that the use of this tool felt like “cheating” to him, since the client paid for the use of the therapist’s hands.

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Why Thai Massage Relies More On Energy Than On Anatomy

Thai Massage anatomy and energy

How much Anatomy Do Thai Massage Therapists Need to Know?

In the western world, anatomical knowledge is seen as a required element of massage therapy. It is accepted as one of the fundamental principles in massage schools.

However, you might be astonished to learn that there are parts of the world where anatomy is not the main basis of massage education.

One of these countries is Thailand. How can that be? Let’s take our own Thai Massage school as an example.

In Thai Healing Massage Academy’s online training courses we use anatomical terms at a basic level only. There are three reasons for this:

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The Curious Double Standard in Thai Massage Training

double standard in thai massage training

Here are some interesting facts about Thai Massage training which you might find amusing, entertaining, or shocking. They will also give you a totally new perspective.

Just so that you know where I am coming from with this statement – here is my story in a nutshell.

Thai Massage sign

I have spent 20 years living in Thailand, practicing and teaching Thai Massage.

As a westerner, during all this time I had one foot in both worlds – the western world and the eastern one.

I know about the requirements and methods of learning Thai Massage in both worlds – and there are massive differences.

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