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The Amazing Result Of Thai Massage Therapy on A Dog

Thai Massage on animals

Can Thai Massage be done on animals?

dog massage

Why should Thai Massage only work on humans? You are probably thinking that Thai Massage is a system of stretches, and that cannot be done on animals. But that’s not correct.

Let’s redefine Thai Massage. In contrast to Swedish-style oil massage systems that are done directly on the skin and require taking off your clothes, Thai Massage is done fully dressed.

Therefore it requires different techniques like pressure, kneading, rocking, and stretching. Oil massage does not require movement on the part of the client, but Thai Massage uses lots of movement-oriented techniques.

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The Magic Of Abdominal Massage Therapy

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Massage is a holistic system

Abdominal Massage is much more than just a localized application. Western massage therapy emphasizes benefits that are specific to this area, like working on the intestines. Eastern therapy however extends the benefits of abdominal massage to the entire body.

The body is a totally interconnected system. Whatever happens in one area, affects the whole.

This concept has been slowly squeezed to death by western medicine. It increasingly specializes in smaller and smaller areas of the body and attempts to treat them individually and out of context.

Traditional eastern medicine is based on a much more holistic model that sees the body as a pulsating, vibrating, and interconnected system. This approach is also often used in western alternative health care.

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Magical Healers in Thailand

Thai Massage is not the only healing modality in Thailand. There are quite a few unusual healers here. Some spit red betel juice on afflicted areas, some use magical eggs, others prepare herbal mixtures, and some prescribe amulets and other objects that are supposed to be infused with healing power.

Healing magic or scam?

Many or most of these healing methods seem strange or unbelievable to the western mind. The question is: do they really work? Is there some real magic involved or is it quackery?

The answer is not what you expect: It does not matter so much if it is ‘real’ or not.

Healing and the placebo effect

May I remind you that it has been scientifically proven that placebos work almost as well or in some cases equally well as the real thing.

There have been plenty of studies where some patients were given the actual pill, and another group were given sugar pills. They all believed that they took the real pills, and both groups showed very similar improvement.

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Do You Know The Exact Difference Between Thai and Swedish Massage?

Thai Massage and Swedish massage are very different both in their techniques and in their approach or philosophy.

While many people have a general idea about what distinguishes these two massage therapy systems, few really understand the specific differences.

This massage video breaks it down for you in detail through a graphic comparison that makes it really clear and easy to understand.

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The author, Shama Kern, has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for 20 years. He is the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy and the creator of 20 Thai Massage online training courses.

Loving Kindness, or Metta, in Thai Massage

One of the great joys of Thai Massage is the growth in spiritual freedom, understanding and love it develops within us as we continue practicing it.

This facet of Thai Massage is known as Metta, or Loving Kindness and is one of the four sublime states within Buddhist philosophy.

It is a term much used by western Thai Massage therapists in their advertising and can be very often seen described as an intricate part of their massage philosophy and offering.

To a client in search of love and/or reassurance which may be missing in life, this is a very attractive proposition: to receive Loving Kindness in a massage treatment.

To the potential student of Thai Massage it is also a very attractive proposition: to be able to advertise yourself as someone offering Loving Kindness in massage.

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Thai Massage In Action Video Demonstration

Learning and practicing Thai Massage is a beautiful and rewarding experience. There are many facets to this art – stretching, massaging, energy line work, the Thai version of deep tissue work, traction, spinal twists, and rocking.

You will find hundreds of techniques in Thai Massage and countless modifications. There is no one system that fits everyone. It’s all about creativity, intuition, experience, and adaptation, making this a highly versatile system of bodywork that is fun to practice.

Most experienced Thai Massage therapists ultimately develop their own unique style that fits their own body, their clientele, and their inclinations.

In this Thai Massage video you will see several techniques demonstrated by veteran Thai Massage teacher Shama Kern. He is the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy and the creator of 20 Thai Massage online training courses.

Thai Massage, Elephants, and Amazing Poses

Extreme Thai Massage 

Thai Massage is an exotic healing art. It has a certain mystique which comes from the fact that not many people understand it very well.

Sometimes I browse Thai Massage videos on youtube. One has to be the icing on the cake for being sensational. It shows an elephant doing a so-called Thai Massage by stepping on someone’s back.

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How To Find Your Style Of Thai Massage

Did you ever get a massage where everything was technically right, but you felt that the therapist never really connected with you? Something seemed to be missing but you could not put your finger on it. What was it? Was it the therapist or was it you, or both?

Wow, AMAZING Thai Massage!

Many visitors come to Thailand and they are very impressed with Thai Massage because it is so different and it involves all those amazing stretches. If you have nothing to compare it with, then, yes,  it seems to be pretty amazing.

But when talking to my fellow expats who have been been in Thailand for a long time, they all agree that it is not so easy to find a therapist who can really make you feel good.

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