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Thai Massage school helps villagers

When I first began to study Thai Massage in the late 1990s, I had a magical experience which is still as clear in my mind as if it had been yesterday.

I was a student at Chiang Mai’s Old Medicine Hospital, the original and first Thai Massage school in the north of Thailand. At that time I had been studying and practicing for a few weeks, but I had never done any real massage work on clients.

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Thai Massage, Sensuality and Sexuality

I took the plunge. Colleagues of mine advised me to never mention Thai Massage therapy and the “three-letter-word” in one breath in order not to tarnish the image of it, or – God forbid – make anyone think that Thai Massage could be anything other than a snow white unblemished healing therapy.

I happen to be a long time professional Thai Massage therapist and  instructor, and I do belong to the snow white camp. But I also live in Thailand and it is obvious that there are a quite a number of places that use Thai Massage as a front for sexual services.

During the Vietnam war tens of thousands of US soldiers came to Bangkok for a vacation, and Thai Massage in the gray zone, or should I say in the red zone, became a booming business.

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Magical Numbers For Massage Therapists And Healing Artists

Massage therapists work on more than the physical body

Thai Massage or any other massage or healing therapies are not just techniques, or at least they should not be. Working on someone’s body also involves connecting with that person’s energy, their emotions, their heart and mind.

Consider the reactions you get from someone after you gave a good massage session. Are your clients saying: “Oh, my 7th vertebra is better aligned”, or “my sartorius muscle has more blood flow”, or “my hamstrings are 10 percent longer now”?

Probably these are not comments you hear often. What you will hear is “Oh I feel much better”, “I feel much more calm and relaxed”,  “I feel like I am walking on clouds”, “I feel like I just went to heaven and came back”, ” I feel like I am in a trance”, “I feel totally re-energized” etc. All those comments involve a feeling instead of an anatomical observation.

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Is Thai Massage Best When It’s “Traditional”?

Thai Massage back and shoulder stretch

Thailand is famous for its unique Thai Massage therapy system. Every year many thousands of people travel to Thailand to study there. Countless Thai Massage schools have sprung up all over the country in the last 15 years.

Most people assume that Thai Massage education must be best in its home country. The question is if this is really true.

Is “traditional” better than “non-traditional”?

Thais like to use the term “Thai Traditional Massage”, and it has become somewhat of a brand name. The idea is that ‘traditional’ is better than ‘non-traditional’.

At this point we need to take a closer look at the mentality of the Thai people. Thailand is a developing nation and few people have the means to travel to other countries.

The vast majority of Thai Massage practitioners and teachers here have had no exposure to any other therapy system than Thai Massage, and therefore no way of comparing it to anything else.

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How is Thai Massage Different From Western Massage?

Thai Massage differs from western massage in its approach. In the West massage is highly regulated, and a lot of emphasis is placed on anatomy and physiology, scientific studies, observable effects on the body, research, and clinical data.

In the East, Thai Massage is based on an energy model like most Asian therapeutic systems. There is little interest in clinical data or documented research regarding its effects. If people like how it feels and if it helps them, that’s good enough for them.

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