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8 Ideal Candidates For Thai Massage Training

Thai Massage stretch in the side position

The elements of Thai Massage

Thai Massage is not just a massage. It includes a wide variety of techniques. Some of them are similar to elements which you can find in other holistic and healing arts styles, as in this partial list:

  • Massage (compression and kneading)
  • Yoga (stretching and breathing)
  • Physical Therapy (therapeutic and rehabilitation work)
  • Energy Work (the Thai sen line system)
  • Chiropractic (spinal techniques and twists which are similar to some Chiropractic techniques)
  • Trager (rocking and motion elements)
  • Acupressure (pressure points in the Thai energy line system)

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How To Keep Your Balance In Massage Therapy

Balance in massage therapy

How do we know if our massage therapy session was really effective? How do we know if it really helped and how long the effect will last? And why do we want to know this anyway?

Helping people is more than exchanging time for money

Massage is a helping profession. This is very different from, let’s say, working in an office where you might be just a tiny part of a big machinery and you might never get to see how (or if) what you do actually helps anyone.

Most massage therapists who have been in this profession for a some time do not just put in hours in exchange for money. They enjoy helping people, and part of their reward is seeing the beneficial results of their work. Their heart is in it, not just their hands.

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The Secrets For Developing Better Thai Massage Skills

Thai Massage spinal twist
Thai Massage spinal twist

The secret of Thai Massage as a healing art

Some Thai Massage sessions can feel like workout sessions. You are pressed, pummeled, stretched, yanked and kneaded – sometimes in painful ways.

And then…there are those sessions which make you feel like you are walking on clouds, or like you ended up in massage heaven. What’s the secret here? What accounts for the difference in those sessions?

Here’s the secret: Thai Massage techniques on their own, without certain refined elements, are just a mechanical system without a soul. It lacks the essence, the spirit, and the element of a true healing art. Read on for the details…

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How To Successfully Learn Thai Massage Online With Thai Healing Massage Academy

Spotlight on Thai Massage

When learning Thai Massage, you might have several choices between teachers and schools. However few people realize that there is another option which can be perfect for some – learning Thai Massage online

You can learn almost anything online nowadays – playing the guitar, yoga, building a house, law, and a myriad other things. So why not study Thai Massage online as well?

Your success with an online course depends on who is teaching it, how the teaching environment is set up, how the support is, if it is right for you, and several other factors. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

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Thai Massage Can Save Your Hands And Prolong Your Career

How to save your hands and career with Thai Massage

The Thai Massage advantage

Thai Massage has some unique advantages over other massage styles. One of them is that it is very therapist friendly. Why is that?

Look at a western massage style like Swedish massage. The therapist is constantly using the hands to stroke, knead, or squeeze. This can get very tiring for the hands, and can even lead to injury which is one of the reasons why many massage therapists don’t last very long.

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Thai Massage in Relaxation Mode

Thai Massage became famous mostly because of the many yoga-like stretches that are part of the system. These are indeed quite unique, effective and helpful. What is less known, but equally important is that Thai Massage can be done without stretching as well.

There are many elements in this system, and stretches are just one of them. There are different ‘modes’:

  • The yoga-like stretch mode
  • The therapeutic mode
  • The relaxation mode

Of course, there is no strict separation between these modes, and they can be blended in one session. For example you could end a rather intense session with gentle relaxation work, or you can alternate between strong techniques and relaxing techniques. But one of these modes can be emphasized in a session if the situation calls for it:

  • If your client is a yogi who enjoys intense stretching – that can be done
  • If your client is someone who has a shoulder problem, you can focus mostly on therapeutic shoulder work
  • If your client likes gentle work and loves drifting off into a deeply relaxed state, this can be done with Thai Massage as well

Thai Massage is a very flexible system with many applications. It is possible to do most of a session in stretch-mode, and it is also possible to do an entire session without any stretches at all. When would you do that?

Let’s imagine you are working on an elderly client who had a fairly recent operation or who has osteoporosis and cannot handle much pressure. This would call for a very gentle session, for example.

The question is how you can do that and what techniques you would use for such a session. The following video will give you some ideas about non-stretch techniques.

There are hundreds of techniques in Thai Massage. To learn more about them, check out our convenient and effective online training programs:

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The author, Shama KernThe author, Shama Kern, is the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy. He has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for 18 years, and he is the creator of 20 Thai Massage online training courses.