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How To Cultivate an Inner Vision in Thai Massage

Thai Massage with an inner vision

Techniques – the foundation of Thai Massage therapy

Massage, and especially Thai Massage, is often perceived as a series of techniques that need to be learned. In the beginning this is quite true.

We need to have a solid foundation of techniques, and in the case of Thai Massage, this is even more true since it involves hundreds of often complex movements and stretches.

Taking Thai Massage therapy to the next level

But, if we stop at this level, we may be well-trained ‘massage mechanics’, but we won’t be intuitive, tuned in, sensitive, perceptive, caring, and highly effective healers. This is an entirely different level of therapy.

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The Value Of Learning Thai Massage The Traditional Way

traditional versus western thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage Versus Westernized Thai Massage

There are many schools teaching Thai Massage both in Thailand and in the Western world. Their approach can be quite different, and it is important to understand what these differences are. They can have a big impact on what kind of therapist you will turn out to be.

The two main differences are that you can learn Thai Massage in the traditional Thai style, or you can learn it in a Westernized version.

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12 Excellent Reasons Why People Are Seeking Out Thai Massage

12 reasons why people get Thai Massage

Why do people get a Thai Massage? At first glance, the answer seems pretty simple. They want to relax and feel better. However, when we look at the question a little closer, there are actually quite a few very different reasons why people go to a Thai Massage therapist.

And for us as providers, it is important to understand all those reasons, because they may require different interactions with our clients.

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What Are Your Best Choices For Learning Thai Massage?

Learn Thai Massage online

The two methods to learn Thai Massage

There are two ways to learn Thai Massage – live training classes or online training courses. Let’s compare the two methods and come up with detailed pros and cons for both so that you can make an informed choice. We will look at these questions:

  • How effective is Thai Massage online training?
  • Is live classroom training always better?
  • Can you really learn Thai Massage online?
  • Which one is the best choice for you –  live classroom training or online training?

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