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The Story Of Thai Healing Massage Academy

And Its Founder And Director – Shama Kern

Shama Kern, director of Thai Healing Massage Academy

I discovered Thai Massage when I first came to Thailand in 1999. It quickly became my passion and my life’s work.

My life changed in many ways because of it. I ended up spending two decades in Thailand, and I married a Thai woman who is a Thai Massage therapist and teacher as well.

The Thai Massage and Yoga connection

I had been practicing yoga, meditation, and Qigong for most of my life, and Thai Massage’s close connection to yoga and its subtle energy aspects were a perfect fit for me.

It felt like the missing piece of a puzzle. Suddenly all my existing skills matched beautifully with Thai Massage and laid the foundation for what ultimately became Thai Healing Massage Academy.

I put all my energy into studying with the best Thai Massage teachers. In addition, I developed many skills in other healing systems such as Breema, Shiatsu, Medical Qigong, and Quantum Touch energy healing.

Branching out with Thai Massage

Over time I developed several unique styles of massage and healing work which I have been practicing and teaching for many years in several parts of the world.

They include Thai Rocking Massage, Heavenly Head Massage, ‘Dancing Hands’ Abdominal Massage, and my own style of Thai Massage.

This grew into a unique system which I called Thai Healing Massage. This is much more than just traditional Thai Massage.

It is a blend of Thai Massage combined with some of the best aspects of several healing systems.

The birth of online training

Every year thousands of people travel to Thailand to study Thai Massage in one of the many schools here. But many more cannot afford to travel around the world to study here.

This inspired me to create a system that would allow people from all over the world to get access to first-class Thai Massage training ONLINE at a very affordable cost via high-quality, convenient, and fully supported online training courses.

This was a unique concept since everybody else was just selling Thai Massage DVDs without any follow-up or support, and with no structured training environment.

Thai Healing Massage Academy’s unique approach

Thai Healing Massage Academy added these missing elements into its program:

  • Delivering our online courses gradually, just like in any real school, to facilitate structured learning without overwhelm
  • Creating a supportive and interactive online forum and a facebook group for our students
  • Giving students access to the instructor (myself) for personalized support

Success with high-quality online training

Thai Healing Massage Academy logo

We chose not to establish another local school that would only be available to those who can travel to Thailand.

Instead, Thai Healing Massage Academy is focusing on offering a sophisticated and unique online training program that is accessible to students worldwide.

By now thousands of students have learned Thai Massage through our system. It has grown to 20  courses – the largest and most comprehensive online Thai Massage training program.

Students can become certified and also receive continuing education credits through our courses.

We are offering a wide selection of online training courses in Thai Massage and in several related modalities.

The secret to our success is this: If you do what you love, your passion shines through and you will be successful at it. 

That’s the simple secret right here, and it is a cornerstone of our method of teaching.

Here are some short descriptions of some of our classes:

1. COMPLETE THAI MASSAGE is our most popular online Thai Massage training program. It contains everything you need to learn to become a competent Thai Massage therapist.

This course brings Thai Massage to a higher level. It integrates the techniques with yoga principles, excellent body mechanics, therapeutic skills, and a wonderful sense of touch. It truly is a Thai Yoga massage and healing system.

For more information click on the button below:

2. HEAVENLY HEAD MASSAGE is a supremely relaxing upper body treatment of shoulders, neck, head, and face.

It will put your clients into a blissful trance-like state and take them to a place of deep peace and well-being. It really feels as good as it sounds like.

And it will give you truly excellent neck massage skills for much-needed neck therapy work.
Click on the button below to watch a video demonstration:

3. THAI ROCKING MASSAGE.  This massage uses beautifully flowing rocking motions instead of direct pressure techniques.

It is highly beneficial for releasing frozen shoulders, opening hips, releasing pain, and it feels wonderful. It is a really unique experience and takes Thai Massage to a new level.

Click on the button below to watch a video demonstration:

Does it work – and how well?

Ultimately the only thing that matters is what our students think about our courses.

Are they able to learn through our online training courses?
How much do our courses help them to succeed with Thai Massage?

Therefore let our students speak for themselves:

I always loved teaching and sharing what I know with others. One major resource to support this learning process is this website. It provides lots of free Thai Massage training, inspiration, education, and stories.

It is a labor of love for me to continue writing more articles and producing more videos about the art of Thai Massage. You can find it all in the blog section of the main menu.

Do we teach live classes in Thailand?

We used to teach live classes, but we do not offer them anymore.

When we started with the online training, we realized that high-quality, teacher-supported certification training is a lot of work, and to do it well, it takes up all our time.

To run an online school and a live school at the same time, and do a good job in both is just not possible with our resources.

Plus there are already hundreds of live Thai Massage schools in Thailand, so we didn’t see the need to duplicate what already exists.

Our goal is to serve the needs of those who cannot or do not want to travel to Thailand. So we decided to put all our energy into providing first-class online training with the best support possible.

Therefore we do not offer live public classes in Thailand. We exclusively provide online training.

So what comes next?

If you are new to Thai Massage and want to get an idea of what it is all about, you can enroll in our free introductory video series:

If you are familiar with Thai Massage and want to learn the complete system in depth, or if you want to add to your skills through one of our specialized online therapy courses, browse our training options here:

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39 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. I am very excited to receive my complete Thai massage course. However, in the future i do not want to repurchase courses that may be included.

    Could you tell me the courses you might recomend after completion of the ” Complete Thai Massage Course”

    Many Thanks,

    • Hi Don,
      I would recommend the Thai Rocking Massage course. Since we teach quite a few rocking moves in the Complete Thai Massage course, there will be some duplication, but overall Thai Rocking Massage will add a lot of value and new skills to the Thai Massage training.

      You might also find that you are naturally attracted to certain aspects of Thai Massage while going through the training. We have produced specialty courses for almost every area you can imagine which take you even deeper into the subject.

      Some of them will overlap a little with the Thai Massage course, and some of them are totally unique, like the Heavenly Head Massage course and the Thai Reflexology course.

      When you get through a good part of the course, see what you feel drawn to. You can always ask me for input or feedback. Best places to do this would be our forum or our facebook group, and you can also email me directly.

      We have produced 20 online training courses and I love them all. It is mostly a matter of your personal preferences.

      Also sometimes we run promotions or specials. You will hear about those automatically.

      Best wishes,

  2. Hello there,its james again. I have just viewed your site. Am surprised but impressed. Thanks for having that big heart for massage. Its so good to do something you love lol. Is there a real school for your massage that i can train in person. I really want to learn everything from the source,i am interested in learning with you. As i told you in my first post,i want to know thai,in all forms,and i hope to travel there too,then when i come back to africa i will teach others. So,sharma,how long do i train for incase am there? And do you invite internationals to your academy? Maybe i can count on you,am seriously in need of a proffessional thai therapist,and you are one of them. Please get back to me,james.

    • James, Thai Healing Massage Academy is an online training school. We are not a massage school that is open to the public with regular live training courses.




    • Hi Zeenath, In which way would you like to join the Academy? The best way to get started is to sign up for our free Thai Massage training course. You can do that by filling in your name and email in the form on the top right of this page. Then you will be automatically notified of all our programs and activities.

  4. Hello,

    I am going to Thailand on th 15th of this month and would like to take a Thai Massage course. I have taken a level one course last year. Would you have a level two training in Chaing Mai?



    • Thanks for your inquiry, Anna. Thai Healing Massage Academy does not offer public live classes. We specialize in providing high-quality online Thai Massage training programs.

  5. HI Shama! I just completed a course in California with Deon De Wet. I live in BC so getting to Thai Massage courses is not easy! I am looking forward to starting my video courses when I return home this week. I have been a working practitioner for some time now, but it is so inspiring to see a new perspective on moves I have been practising or new takes on how to approach certain body issues.
    Til’ very soon
    Love and Light,

    • I have the greatest respect for Deon as a Thai Massage teacher. We see eye to eye on most issues, I have found.

      If you want to further your Thai Massage training, I am sure that you will find many new perspectives, techniques and ways of doing things in my courses. I am certain that Deon has his unique perspective and approach, and so do I.

      When I started out with Thai Massage I learned from many of the best teachers here in Thailand, and I got a lot of nuggets from all of them which I integrated into my style.

      Luckily our courses don’t require a local school, and since you already have a good foundation in Thai Massage you will be easily able to learn from the online courses. :)

  6. Hello, My name`s Maria. I live in Ayutthaya, Thailand. I finish my Thai massage course but I have problems with my wrist and my back for an accident. I would like to know if the free hand massage can work for me. If you can contact me I would appreciated very much.

    • Hi Maria, that is very much the purpose of the Hands Free Massage course. It would definitely help you by taking the stress off your wrist. I would need to know a little more about your back in order to give you a useful answer about this one.

  7. Hi Shama,
    I am looking to get a certificate in Thai Massage and your Academy interest me.I would like to know how long is the course. I viewed the sample of the certificate and it’s written there 4 months. Is it possible that I can finish it faster? I have a month of free hours I can use full time. Thanks and more power.

  8. Dear Shama,

    I am interested to hire Thai professional – head and feet- therapists with 3-5 years of experience for a new opening in Europe.

    Do you manage a database of certified therapist that we could contact through you? Is there anywhere else I need to look for?



    • Hi Kyriakos, we don’t have such a database since all our students are from outside of Thailand, mostly from the US and Europe. I am not aware of any database of Thai Massage therapists in Thailand. Such connections are mostly made by word of mouth in Thailand.

      • Hi Shama,

        I very much appreciate your immediate feedback. I will do so. Have me i mind in case something comes o your attention.

        Thank you again

  9. hello!! I find really interesting your website!! I am reading a lot since 2 hours now! So i would like to make a very important question. Do you offer a course at your center in Thailand!! I am planning to travel there and study thai massage so I am searching!! I would prefer meet you and be educated there!!

    • Hi Kyveli,

      Thai Healing Massage Academy is not a public school with live courses. Instead we have specialized in high quality online Thai Massage training.
      First there are already hundreds of Thai Massage schools here in Thailand, and second we have noticed that there is very little quality online training available for Thai Massage.

      Most people are not able or willing to travel to Thailand, and so we have made it our specialty to provide Thai Massage training in an online format. The online school takes up all our time and effort. We have thousands of students all over the world, and we support them online. Many of our students have told us that our online training is better than what they have received in live schools. Therefore this is where all our time and energy goes.

      • Hi Shama, thank you for your reply and I found your comment on live teaching not being offered with your institute.
        I am signing up for your online training anyway, but would like to connect with a school in Chiang Mai,Thailand in the early winter of 2017.
        I would not only love to connect with you, while there, but was hoping that you might direct me to a school there, that you would recommend.
        I must agree that your videography and presentation is one of the best, I have come across. Many online courses in acupuncture are beyond mediocre and frustrating to follow.

        I want to become an educator for some specific training I received in acupuncture online, too.
        Do you have a lead who is doing this kind of video work?
        Even, if it is in Chiang Mai?
        I appreciate your time to respond and look for ward to the course online with you.
        Fondly, Wren

  10. Hi Shama,

    I’ve been watching your videos and like them so much! they are very interesting and insightful.
    Here’s a question.
    I’d love to learn Thai massage and become a professional massaur, but I’m concerned that I have rough, cracked, dry hands partly because I’m a housewife..
    Do you think those who have rough hands are not suitable for the job?
    Could you give me any tips if you have on this matter?
    Thank you.

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Saori,
      The way how you describe it – “rough, dry, and cracked” – doesn’t sound so ideal for massage in general. However this is less of a problem in Thai Massage than in oil/table massage where your hands are always directly on the skin.

      First, in Thai Massage you work on fully clothed people, so your hands are not always touching skin.
      Second, in Thai Massage you can use many other body parts besides your hands, like forearms, elbows, knees and feet. Again this reduces the direct touch by your hands.

      However there are plenty of occasions where your hands do come into contact with skin in Thai Massage, and it definitely feels better if the hands are more smooth and soft.

      Being a housewife is not a disqualification for Thai Massage as there are many housewives practicing it. And there are ways to take care of your hands, like using lotions or creams to heal cracks and make them softer.

      So yes, you can practice Thai Massage, and this might encourage you to take better care of your hands. That’s something which is important for all massage therapists.

      • Thank you for your prompt reply.
        It’s encouraging to hear that this is less problematic in Thai massage.
        I hope the conditions of my hands will be better by giving a good care to them everyday..
        Thank you once more and a Happy New Year!


  11. Hi Shama, I am an acupuncturist with a background in Ohashi Shiatsu. I practice in Santa Fe, NM.
    I love your training style. Calm, confident and staying with the information, is very easy for me to follow you. The quality of videography is also beautiful. So thank you already for offering your expertise to students online.
    I have been to Chiang Mai three years ago and was wondering, if you also teach courses in Chiang Mai?
    If so, when do you do that and how much time and money would I have to plan on spending.
    Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Wren Willow

    • Hi Wren, I am happy to hear that you like my teaching style.
      Regarding your question about teaching in Chiang Mai, if you scroll up a couple of posts, there is a post where Kyveli asks the exact same question. I posted a detailed answer right below it.

  12. Hi Shama.
    You have a good website with relevant information and it’s been helpful thank you. I have been to Thailand many times, but recently visited Chiang mai had many Thai massages and would be interested in learning it and becoming a masseur. I am more a practical person so would be better to learn at a school in Thailand. How long would I need to learn at a school in Thailand? And where would you recommend? This would be useful information so I can plan ahead or look for an alternative method.

    Many thanks raj

  13. hello

    i am a registered Thai therapist who is looking to continue my studies to become teacher i see you are also approved by the alliance.

    what courses do you offer and what help can u give me regarding the remaining 230h of training i still need and does your fine establishment provide that.

    thank you for your time.

    • Hi Ramy, Thai Healing Massage Academy provides Thai Massage online training courses. I imagine you are referring to Thai Healing Alliance. We are not part of their training system, and I don’t think that our courses would count towards their required hours. We are a separate institution with our own training and certification programs.

  14. I am looking for people who are trained in thai massage for a NJ based Studio. How do I locate graduates of your program to offer these opportunities. Thanks!

  15. Hi Shama.
    I have been receiving your free intro videos and am very interested in undertaking your complete course, however I will not be able to do floor work. Is it possible to adapt your instruction for table work and how effective will it be?

    • Hi Trevor, we have many students who are using our training material on a massage table. You won’t be able to do every single technique on a table, and you will need to modify it a bit for the table That’s exactly what hundreds of our students have been doing over the years.

      There are so many techniques in the Complete Thai Massage course that it won’t matter if there are some that don’t work as well on the table. There are still plenty that you can use for a great Thai Massage session.

      If you want to hear from them directly, you can post this question in our facebook group, and most likely you will get replies from some who have done what you are planning on doing:

  16. Hi, I am in Manchester, UK. I have tinnitus and neck pain. Can you please recommend a therapist.
    Thank you.
    Farrukh Sheikh

    • Farroukh, Thai Healing Massage Academy is based in Thailand, and we are not familiar with the local therapists in your city. You would be better off researching this via local massage groups or associations. We provide Thai Massage training, but we don’t have a database of therapists around the world. I hope you find a good therapist.


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