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Abdominal Massage

Online Training Course

Learn how to have a major impact on the entire body through the beautiful and effective art of abdominal massage 

abdominal massage

Abdominal massage is often neglected in massage therapy, including in Thai Massage. Many therapists just don't have good techniques for the abdomen, if any!

Others are nervous about working on the abdomen, and they are often not aware of the power and the beneficial effects of good abdominal work.

In addition, the abdominal techniques which are typically taught in Thai Massage are often unpleasant or even painful. Most clients don't like them, and in actual practice therapists rarely use them.

The abdominal area is highly sensitive to strong pressure since it consists of all soft tissue and many organs, and it requires special knowledge and training.

Why is the abdomen so important?

  • It is the physical and energetic center of the body
  • It contains the largest concentration of organs in the body
  • It is often the area where stuck or negative emotions are stored
  • You can reach all areas of the body just by working on the abdomen
  • You can address many physical problems by working on the abdomen

The issue with abdominal training

There are Asian massage styles like Chi Nei Tsang and Shiatsu which teach abdominal massage.

However the training is typically quite involved with lots of theoretical information about the abdomen, the organs, the energetic patterns, and eastern medical theory.

The training tends to be lengthy, expensive, and mostly suited for those who have a strong interest in eastern healing arts concepts. 

Such training can be a good choice for therapists who really want to specialize in this area, and who are willing to invest a substantial amount of time and money.

However if you want to incorporate excellent abdominal massage into your career in a practical, hands-on way, with in-depth guidance, but without a significant financial and time investment, then read on...

An effective and convenient solution

Thai Healing Massage Academy's easy-to-follow, practical and cost-effective training solution

Abdominal Massage Therapy
Online training course

abdominal massage therapy

This beautiful healing art  is profoundpowerful, and amazingly effective in addressing many problem areas in the body.

  • A gentle, beautifully flowing, graceful massage style
  • It is highly enjoyable and relaxing for the client
  • It can be used as a stand-alone therapy system
abdominal massage  technique
  • It is very effective therapeutically
  • It can put your clients into a blissful trance state
  • It can be easily integrated with Thai Massage
  • It can be applied in other massage styles
Shama Kern, founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy
Shama Kern

Founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy

About the Instructor

The instructor is the founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy and the creator of 20 Thai Massage online training courses.

He has been living in Thailand, the homeland of Thai Massage, for two decades, has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for 20 years, and has trained thousands of students in the art of Thai Massage, both in live classes and online.

Benefits of Abdominal Massage

Thai Massage abdominal work

This system is based on many years of hands-on experience with Thai Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, and rocking techniques.

It condenses the essence of first-class abdominal work into a unique and effective style which will be a valuable addition to your massage skills.

How can you use this course?

You can use this abdominal massage style either as part of any massage system (not just Thai Massage), or you can use it as a stand-alone therapy modality.

The techniques are demonstrated on a floor mat but can be just as easily done on a massage table.

Here are just some benefits

  • It is gentle without strong or stressful techniques -  actually it is delightful!
  • A uniquely pleasant and relaxing experience for your clients
  • Powerful, yet easy enough to learn quickly
  • You can recoup your investment in just one session
  • Very effective for therapeutic work like post-pregnancy, digestive problems, and others 

Student feedback to our training:

“The course far exceeded my expectations in every way. Fantastic value for money, brilliant teaching, very good quality videos that are easy to access and second to none service in terms of tutor-student interaction. 

You get so much more than you think you are paying for. I really think Shama’s work has revolutionized distance learning and proved that  it can be a very effective way of learning when combined with such personal attention and care.

Sujatha Menon

Ayurvedic therapist

“I was very excited to learn this. Before I started this course, I had heard about belly massage, but could never find out WHO does it!

The reason I was so interested is during my first pregnancy, a site I was reading on pregnancy only mentioned this but never listed any type of place or person who does this. It is VERY helpful for the healing for post-pregnancy!

Also, this is very nice for tummy/ digestive pains as it can relieve any gas build up internally. This is REALLY great to know even for infants!! When my son was only a few months old, he had problems with gas build up. GENTLY rubbing the tummy along the flow of the intestines INSTANTLY relieved his pains.

Kaitlyn Smith

Yoga teacher, massage therapist

“Tonight my daughter was having a really hard time getting relaxed for bed.  So after watching the abdomen and chest video I decided to try these techniques on her.

Most of what I did was gentle wave motion on her abdomen. I did this for about 15 minutes. Then she closed her eyes and after gentle carressing she fell asleep. Amazing. 

Heather Park
massage therapist

" The waves on the abdominals have been most beneficial to my father. He has brain/lung cancer and has had a lot of tummy trouble from the chemo and harsh meds. 

I did this move on him for about 2-3 minutes while he was receiving treatment this week, and he loved it. It even helped relieve the stomach ache and constipation. "

Rhonda Young

yoga teacher, LMT

What is included in the Abdominal Massage course?

  • 5 video modules with 2 hours of unique abdominal Massage training 
  • Many effective therapeutic techniques for specialized abdominal therapy
  • Convenient and professional presentation in your own membership portal
  • Permanent access to course materials
  • Course manual
  • Detailed, clear, and easy to follow instructions
  • Access to our private facebook group
  • Free access to top-rated personalized support by a live, caring instructor
  • Free course upgrades for life

How do I get access to the course?

You access the course materials from your own membership portal. The modules are released gradually. You will get access to one new training module every day. Your access does not expire.

Is there a guarantee for this course?

Of course. We want you to be totally satisfied and enroll on a risk-free basis. You have 14 days to evaluate the course.

If you feel that this is not right for you for any reason, you have a 100 percent unconditional satisfaction guarantee. 

This means you can get all your money back within 14 days - no questions asked!

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Can I really learn this online?

If you have some experience with massage or yoga teaching, you can definitely learn this material online. However this question is best answered by our students themselves:

You explain the techniques so that they are understood so easily. It’s a great pleasure to watch these videos now.

Compared to reading books or being in a class, I can honestly say I've learned more from your style of teaching.

It's more like having someone in the living room with you in person! It’s a journey that I am really enjoying. I'm so pleased!

Brenda Cockburn

massage therapist

I have to admit that I would never have believed I could receive such a good training online.

I have always been one of those folks who prefer to go to trainings or immersions. Yet here I am, learning, practicing and engaging.

I LOVE the pacing of your courses, and the fact that I can go back and look at something again and again, often in a slightly different way. 

Kavita Richardson

physical therapist

What if I need assistance with the online training material?

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With all our online training courses you have direct access to the instructor for personalized support and assistance via email, chat, forum, or our facebook group.

You will always be able to get your questions answered. There is no expiration for this support feature.

Enroll in Abdominal Massage on a 100% risk-free basis.
It WILL work for you - or you get your money back.

Your investment is a one-time payment of

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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More Student Feedback

“ Shama you are amazing! You have such a commitment and compassion for what you do! I have enjoyed your videos immensely. 

I am a visual learner so your videos are the perfect way for me to learn. I look forward to continuing with your online courses."

Pamela James
Massage therapist and reflexologist

“ I have been busy with clients and feeling a bit more confident with my new techniques. Definitely have a long way to go, but I have been getting some awesome feedback.


Can't wait for the next module! I love the fact that I can go back and watch previous modules whenever I want. The course is worth every penny, and I let everyone know how great it is!"

Laura Paradise
Massage therapist

“ My sessions are going very well and your teaching material is second to none. Your videos are an ideal length to learn without too much pressure.

A lot of online learning materials give too much information at once, however your course is just right. Even though I have previous massage experience, I am learning so many new techniques – it’s just wonderful.

Watching you is amazing, as you explain so much in detail which you just do not get from a book. I am so pleased I decided to buy your online course."

Brenda Cockburn
Massage therapist


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