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"A great way to learn, incredibly reasonable prices for the courses, great delivery method, fantastic connection with you.Very generous support and feedback from you all the way."  Lynne Grieves, LMT

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Join our 2000+ students who have successfully learned Thai Massage and developed excellent skills through our multimedia online training.

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My name is

Shama Kern

I am the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy. I personally teach all training courses, and I also provide all student support so that your online learning experience is as close to classroom training as possible.

Feedback about our online training

Having completed all of Shama’s online courses, I have been putting my Thai Massage skills into practice.
I have had 4 different live Thai Massage instructors now, 240 hours of training, and over 700 hours of sessions.

Shama’s online courses are of absolute premium quality and his professionalism is unmatched. He is always available for his students in whatever ways are needed. No teacher has the tools available or has organized their material better than Shama.

Shama’s teachings and trainings put my skills together like no one else could have.

Mark Wisdom - Exercise physiologist, registered yoga trainer, Thai Yoga massage certified, advanced cancer exercise specialist

Shama’s online training videos are a valuable resource for anyone, new or experienced, wanting to improve their knowledge and technique.

Even though I am a long-time practitioner and Thai Massage teacher and have produced my own guidebooks and videos, I still find his material to be extremely helpful, and I can highly recommend watching them often, to anyone.

They are a valuable contribution to the evolution of this amazingly effective healing art.

Thanks, Shama, for your good work!

Deon de Wet - Thai Massage teacher, creator of the deon Thai Method, www.

After doing several of your programs I am very impressed. I must say that I find all of your courses invaluable.

Heavenly Head Massage, Thai Massage Shoulder Therapy, and Arm & Hand Massage have been a wonderful way to add flow into upper body work. The movements and the way you can connect the movements are endless.

Thank you for your invaluable mentorship! You have totally changed the way I look at Thai Massage. Thank goodness for your creativity, it is a true gift.

Don Kirby - Pilates and yoga instructor, Thai Massage therapist

Shama Kern’s teaching style is clear, practical and truly authentic. He shares so much more than technique with his students.


His years of experience as a therapist and his ability to explain Thai Massage from a Western and a Thai perspective make his courses one of the best options available in online training.


Shama uses his online forum to foster a personal connection with each student. You will never feel alone. Rock solid training with a superb teacher.

Pamela Herrick - Thai Massage therapist and teacher, shamanic healer