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What You Can Expect

This training program will greatly improve your Thai Massage skills, make you a much more effective therapist, preserve the health of your hands, and improve your client’s experience.

The story of Thai Rocking Massage

At one point I had thought I knew quite a lot about Thai Massage –  until one day I had a client who was extremely pain sensitive and who kept complaining throughout the entire session that my work was too strong. I thought I was using very little pressure, but clearly what I was doing wasn’t working as well as it should.

First I thought that this client was just not the right candidate for Thai Massage. But eventually I realized what the actual problem was, and this motivated me to create a unique and improved style of Thai Massage.

Wrong Client Or Wrong Technique?

The problem was not that the client was the wrong candidate for Thai Massage. The real issue was that I didn’t have enough techniques, or rather not the right kinds of techniques, in my repertoire which were appropriate for such a sensitive client.

Traditional Thai Massage uses mostly direct, linear pressure. For some people, this does not work very well, and they later proclaim that Thai Massage is a painful affair.
(Read on to find out why this course is the perfect solution to this.)

The silver lining from my encounter with the sensitive client was that I made a decision. 

I became determined and committed to find a way to work on EVERYONE,
no matter how sensitive they were – without causing any discomfort.

And on top of that, those techniques had to be MORE effective than the typical traditional techniques!

The result of this challenge is THAI ROCKING MASSAGE.

Here Is A Question For You

If you would know any or all of the following, how would this benefit your massage practice? And your clients? And your own health and peace of mind?

    • How to work deeply but without causing any pain or discomfort
    • How to increase the effectiveness of all your techniques
    • How to reduce strain on your thumbs, hands and wrists
    • How to put your clients into a trance
    • How to make any stretches more effective and less stressful
    • How to work deeper but use less effort
    • How to easily handle even the most sensitive and stiff clients

I bet it would have a dramatic positive impact on your work. It did on mine!
The result of my determined effort to find a solution became a unique system:



Thai Massage is not a therapy system that you learn once and then you know it. Basic Thai Massage training is a foundation to build on. From there you develop more skills, learn advanced techniques, acquire intuitive, diagnostic and therapeutic skills. You grow from a Thai Massage practitioner into a skilled healing artist.

Thai Rocking Massage is the latest development of advanced courses in the Thai Healing Massage family of bodywork.

(If the video does not play smoothly, pause it to give it time to load)


How Does Thai Rocking Massage Work?

    • Replace pressure techniques with motion and rocking movements
    • Apply stretches in a gentler and more effective way
    • Learn how to massage while preserving your hands and wrists
    • Go beyond general Thai Massage and work therapeutically on specific problems
    • Amplify the effects of all your stretches without pressing harder
    • You work on one area but affect the entire body
    • Get your client’s life energy flowing and dissolve blockages
    • Learn how to get better results with less effort
    • Develop sensitivity through the power of softness
    • Take your Thai Massage skills to an entirely new level,
      and attract new clients by offering a better service
Thai Rocking Massage is not limited to Thai Massage.
The techniques are compatible with many other massage modalities. They can be used either for floor work or on a massage table.


In What Format Is The Thai Rocking Massage Course Delivered?

Thai Rocking Massage consists of downloadable video modules which are delivered via email every two days.

Based on our experience and student feedback, it is most effective to receive one video module every other day with about 30 minutes of content. This allows enough time to absorb and practice the information before the next module arrives two days later. A gradual delivery method is ideal for home study and conveniently fits into your daily life.

Testimonials For The Thai Rocking Massage Course

“Shama, you are amazing! You have such a commitment and compassion for what you do! I have enjoyed your videos immensely. I am a visual learner, so your videos are the perfect way for me to learn. I look forward to continuing with your videos as well as the forum.” Pamela James, massage therapist and reflexologist


“The Thai Rocking Massage course far exceeded my expectations in every way. Fantastic value for money, brilliant teaching, very good quality videos that are easy to access and second to none service in terms of tutor interaction.

You also get so much more than you think you are paying for. I really think Shama’s work has revolutionized distance learning and proved that it can be a very effective way of learning when combined with such personal attention and care.”
Sujatha Menon, yoga teacher, massage therapist, Ayurvedic yoga therapist


“I absolutely loved Shama’s Thai Rocking Massage course! I enjoyed his teaching style – very clear, engaging and informative – and his emphasis on using the whole body and proper alignment, which are so important to learn.

Shama also talks about the energetic aspects of the work and the importance of being present, which is the basis for any healing. The course material could definitely be used to create a wonderful healing session on its own, or incorporated into many different types of massage and bodywork approaches. Shama, you ROCK!!!”
Heidi Flint,LMT, Trager Approach practitioner


“Thai Rocking Massage is another great addition to the already in-depth and wonderful series put out by Shama. The format and presentation of all of the videos has been fantastic, as well as the support given, both by Shama as well as the Thai Massage Forum.

Anyone who is hesitant about any of the videos should not be worried at all. Once you sign up for one you will want the others to add to your collection and repertoire. I would highly suggest it as someone who has also taken the Complete Thai Massage and Heavenly Head Massage courses.”
Michael P. Barnes, NCBTMB, RMT, BA, Certified Holistic Health Coach


“Shama’s courses are very clearly presented and give practitioners lots of tips to expand their repertoire to work especially with problems. A real gem for serious therapists. Also his customer service is friendly, efficient and second to none.”
Spike Warwick, massage therapist


“I am really loving the course. My clients love what I am doing and it’s only getting better.” Laura Paradise, massage therapist


“Thai Rocking Massage has made a big difference in my practice. The rocking motion is relaxing, gentle and effective. My clients love to be rocked!! I really enjoyed the course, now I always use rocking techniques in every massage I give, and my clients love it!!”  Lucia Byrne ~ RMT


“I now have most of Shama’s courses, but for me, the Thai Rocking Massage course is one of my favorites. The Thai Rocking course is gentle and flows with no pain… and the amount of chi that flows through the body is just THE most relaxing and energizing experience.

 Everything opens up and comes alive from head to toe. I incorporate these moves into most styles of my massages now and have received some amazing, confidence boosting comments – everyone loves it!!” Julie Rogers MICHT MHFST, Mobile Massage Therapist

What Is Included In the Thai Rocking Massage Course? 

  • Over 5 1/2 hours of detailed, in depth video instructions
  • 11 video modules,  delivered every two days via email
  • Instant access via download right to your computer
  • Course manual
  • Unlimited personal support by the instructor via email, forum or skype
  • LEARN MASSAGE OR DON’T PAY 14 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Free advertising of your healing arts products or classes in our forum

Do you provide any support?

Investing in a Thai Healing Massage Academy training program gives you much more than just a video course.

You will receive my personal support via email, forum or even phone if you have questions or need assistance. I make myself very available to my students and I answer all emails and forum posts personally.

  • You have access to one of the largest educational massage websites with a growing content of informational articles and videos about massage related topics.
  • You have access to our healing arts forum where you can talk with me or network with other students and practitioners. You can also advertise your healing arts products, classes or events totally free in a special section of the forum.

NCBTMB logoHow about certification?

Thai Healing Massage Academy offers both a certification program and NCBTMB approved CE credits. (12 CE hours)


Satisfaction Guarantee

I fully stand behind all my products, and I want you to be able to invest in this course without having to worry if it is right for you or not. I want to make this decision easy for you.

I only want you to keep this course if it will work for YOU. You can try it risk free for 14 days. If you don’t like it for any reason, I will refund your money, no questions asked.

Learning the skills in this course will inspire you, grow your practice and your income,and give you more confidence in your ability to help others effectively.

Thai Rocking Massage is a totally unique massage system which is easy on your body, great for therapeutic work, and your clients will love it. It will pay back your small investment many times over.

I want all my students to be totally satisfied with this course. That’s why I made it a risk free purchase. It costs you less than the price of a quality two hour massage session, and it will give you a new modality and new skills for a lifetime.


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